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The art of Islamic Calligraphy is a lifelong learning. The word has its root in the Greek language.

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It includes Arabic Ottoman and Persian calligraphy.

ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY DEFINITION. It includes Arabic Calligraphy Ottoman and Persian calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet. Islamic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based upon the alphabet in the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage.

Arabic puts a particularly high value on beautiful script and in East Asia calligraphy has long been considered a major art. In the modern sense calligraphy relates to the art of giving form to signs in an expressive harmonious and skilful manner 1 Islamic calligraphy is one of the most sophisticated in the world and is a visual expression of the deepest reverence to the spiritual world. The reasoning or purpose of writing in such manner originates from practicality and eligibility rather than aesthetics and appearance.

Calligraphy of choice for artists to express Muslim religious expression because in Islam all forms of creative works such as sculptures and paintings are considered as a form that leads to idolatry and Islam strictly forbids it. Islamic calligraphy is an art expression implementation Muslim artists from around the world to express their love to God. It is therefore the visual art of writing.

In religious buildings verses from the Qurʾān were inscribed on the walls for the edification of the faithful whether carved in stone or stucco or executed in faience tiles. Calligraphy is the art of writing created for beauty as well as to convey ideas. It is known in Arabic as khatt Islami خط اسلامي meaning Islamic line design or construction.

Kalli-is a Greek root meaning beautiful and beautiful in the case of calligraphy means artistic stylized and elegant. In its broadest sense calligraphy also includes the Arabic scripts employed in materials other than parchment papyrus and paper. Islamic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based upon the alphabet in the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage.

Its often found in Islamic art work created by artists in geographic areas where Islam was the predominant faith. It is significant that the Quran the book of Gods revelations to the Prophet Muhammad was transmitted in Arabic and that inherent within the Arabic script is the potential for developing a variety of ornamental forms. خط derived from the word line design or constructionKufic is the oldest form of the Arabic script.

It is a journey where you dont just learn how to write letters but you study some different aspects of human experience such as humility patience self-discipline or adab manners. Although this was the case these writings gradually started transforming into a form of art in Saudi area Syria-Palestine area and Iraq-Baghdad area. Wikipedia 000 0 votes Rate this definition.

It is known in Arabic as khatt Arabic. The research current Aesthetic theory of Arabic calligraphy in Islamic Art in an attempt to study the aesthetic qualities of character calligraphy which inspired Islamic Art Bmarjayate conceptual structural and take advantage of the aesthetic character property in accordance with the relevant relationships configurations centered on structural linear work Authority ideas and content text multiple were. Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of Islamic art.

Kalli means beautiful and graphia is the Greek word for writing. Calligraphy has existed in many cultures including Indian Persian and Islamic cultures. The dictionary definition of calligraphy is handwriting or penmanship or simply beautiful writing.

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