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3- Concept of Islam. Todays misguided Muslim has two ambitions.

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The book explores the compatibility of Islamic law and international diplomatic law aiming to maximize diplomatic protection in Muslim states by invoking Islamic law in support of international diplomatic.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF DIPLOMACY. He created man and appointed for each human being a fixed period of life that he is to spend upon the earth. Diplomacy is the principal substitute for the use of force or underhanded means in statecraft. Diplomacy involves managing relations between governments and government relations with other Actors.

Allah has prescribe a certain code of life as the correct. Diplomacy is the practice of influencing the decisions and conduct of foreign governments or intergovernmental organisations through dialogue negotiation and other nonviolent means. The current struggle against transnational terrorism is a struggle to win hearts and minds and the current.

The ummah conscience and the duty of Caliphate have evaporated from their foolish minds. While there have been different publica-tions in the past exploring the subject of diplomacy under Islamic law. Mosque graveyard and rituals 2.

Any form of diplomacy is built around the principles governing the political structure of the State it represents whose interests it serves and whose entity in embodies abroadDiplomacy can be. Proper care treatment. It may be coercive ie backed by the threat to apply punitive.

Past 20 years or more a detailed comparative analysis of the concept and practice of diplomacy particularly from Islamic and international legal perspectives is long overdue. Diplomacy has a long history as a means of promoting a countrys soft power and was essential in winning the cold war. Freedom from arbitrary arrest detention iii.

Diplomatic Immunity Al-Quran Sunnah consistent practice of Muslim leaders established privileges immunities of diplomatic agents. Immunity from prosecution ii. The Islamic tradition promotes the practice of medicine as a service to humanity.

The OICs mediation of the conflict between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines GRP and the MNLF since 1972 can be contextualized with the principles of Islamic diplomacy. It is how comprehensive national power is applied to the peaceful adjustment of differences between states. Islam and soft power The varieties of Muslim faith become a vital form of diplomacy A concept born in the cold war comes home to roost.

The term Islamic diplomacy is used here mainly to refer to the mediation role of Muslim entities in the Mindanao peace process. Not exclusively discuss the concept of peace in Islam at least it has raised some peace-related concepts such as tolerance cooperation and mutual support diplomacy and building alliances Abu. Failing to be free from colonial legacy has caused mental slavery and inferiority complex to Muslim mind.

Diplomacy had steadily developed as the means by which sovereign rulers communicated with other sovereign rulers. Diplomacy usually refers to international relations carried out through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to a variety of issues and topics. 10 DEFINITION OF DIPLOMACY Generally in Islam diplomacy is called as tahaluf siyasi which means a political strategy in Islam and it can be defined as political diplomacy political compromise political cooperation political alliances and political integration.

It was the great assertion of sovereign individuality functioning in a sometimes avowedly - or sometimes simply politely - adversarial mode depending on circumstances. Classical fiqh offers concepts such as DAR AL-ISLAM. With the changes in the international system the focus and content of diplomacy have also changed and as in the past they are not focused on top policy.

Thoughtful Health Diplomacy therefore has the potential to bridge the perceived divides between Western and predominantly Muslim nations. 3 Kiyasa Islamic. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers defense diplomacy to strengthen the efforts of the defense sector in the supine area in the process of rebuilding the countrys defense base which has been used as a new concept and has been emphasized in the formulation of a national defense and national security strategy.

To the extent that diplomacy is taken equivalent to negotiation91217. Diplomatic agents entitled to. Physical and spiritual wellbeing are intimately related in popular Muslim consciousness.

To them Islam is just this. Concept of Negotiation Negotiation means dialogue bargaining justifying and persuading the other person and this is one of the most common general and oldest methods of solving international disputes peacefully and is considered as one of the important diplomatic means. I The basic concept of Islam is that the whole universe was created by Allah and who is the Lord and sovereign of the universe which he alone sustains.

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