Allah is the Arabic name of God the same God of Adam Noah Abraham Ishmael Isaac Moses Jesus and Muhammad. Maintaining that there is no God except Allah and.

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God is the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe who created everything for a reason.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF GOD. Muslims agree with all these attributes or properties of God. Islamic doctrine emphasizes the oneness uniqueness transcendence and utter otherness of God. Allah is the personal name of the One true God.

Muslims believe that He created humankind with a simple purpose to worship Him. The Concept of God in Christianity. 17 75 and he was not crucified QS.

Also it features Live Help through chat. New articles are added every week. Allah is the personal name of the One true God.

Christians believe that God is an all-powerful all-knowing all-holy eternal spiritual Being who created the universe. The word tawhid is derived from the words wahid and ahad which mean one unique and peerless. But the Quran restricts the use of this term to Gods way of dealing with wrongdoers or the righteous among men.

The first and most important teaching of Islam is the oneness or uniqueness of God Allah. Nothing else can be called Allah. Further the Glorious Quran says.

An Islamic Perspective Jesus is really not son of God QS. Nothing else can be called Allah. This is not the case with Allah.

Allah is the doer of all that He intends. For verily Allah has power over all things. In fact there are no other forms of the word Allah.

Islam is an attributive title that signifies obedience to God the Creator of the Universe. Allah in Arabic is derived from Ilah which means god. مفهوم الإله في الإسلام.

Muslims believe in the one Creator of the Universe referring to Him as Allah which is the Arabic w ord for God. The Quran says in several places Al -Quran 2106. Because of this Islam considers associating any deity or personality with God as a deadly sin that God will never forgive despite the fact.

As such God is different from anything that the human senses can perceive or that the human mind can imagine. We may try to understand the Natural Process in terms of the Quranic concept of Sunnah way of God 1777 3362 etc. It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities.

The God of Islam encompasses all creation but no mind can fully encompass or grasp him. The Islamic concept of God is distinct from other faiths as it is a strongly monotheistic religion with the worship of One God as its central theme. Tawhid is the Islamic concept of monotheism.

Muslims worldwide even English. The One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with God. The Concept of God in Islam.

This isnt surprising since Islam historically speaking is an off-shoot of the Judaeo-Christian religious tradition. To a Muslim Allah is the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the universe Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. Muslims continue to use this original Arabic name for God Allah since it perfectly expresses His unique qualities.

This is not the case with Allah. One of its main beauties is that it acknowledges the complete perfection greatness and uniqueness of God with absolutely no compromises. God is One and Unique.

30 and certainly is not divine QS. The Islamic concept of God is that God has power over all things. It contains a lot of brief yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam.

Often people think that Allah is a special God of Muslims or a different God than they worship. Whereas Ilah can be changed to a plural form Aliha gods or a feminine form Ilaha goddess the word Allah has neither a sex nor does it have a plural form. This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims.

God only performs Godly acts. This is reflected in Islams pure teachings of the attributes of God. Based on the concept of tawhid Muslims believe that God cannot be held equal in any way or degree to any other being or concept.

So lets look first at the Christian concept of God and ask why Muslims find it rationally objectionable. It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used to refer to God and sometimes to lesser deities at the same time. Personal name of God is a reflection of Islams emphasis on the purity of the belief in God that is the essence of the message of all Gods messengers.

An overview of some concepts which Islam holds about God which truly make it unique. Islam presents its unity in a straightforward unambiguous and comprehensible manner. The Concept of God in Islam.

The word itself is unique.

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