Became sick he would recite the Muawwidhatayn Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An- Nas and then blow his breath over his body. Sickness shall not be your portion.

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Praying for this surgery to go perfectly as you are in good hands.

ISLAMIC PRAYER MESSAGE FOR A SICK FRIEND. I hope your sickness will go away as soon as possible. The word bismillah should be repeated three times and the entire supplication should be recited seven times. The following inspirational messages for a sick friend that you can send to your a male or female friend to aid his or her recovery process.

May the blessing of light be on you. Its your choice on how you want to impact their time here so make it. Praying that you achieve a balanced heart during this difficult time.

O Holy Spirit please come like a dove. You are a God who heals and cares Amen. Sending you love and good wishes.

Prayer for a sick friend. This dua should be recited while the sick person places his or her right hand on the area of pain. I know its hard when youre sick.

Heshe has been part of Your faithful and we believe this is just a test of faith. A prayer for a friend or loved one who is currently sick-. You should still offer warmth encouragement and support no matter how much time they may have left.

When someone is terminally ill the circumstances are more grave. Heal now their sickness with miracle care. Tend with Your goodness the pain that they bear.

Sending my prayers stay strong. Every weak bone in this sick body I pray it becomes life in the name of Jesus. We become sick due to our sins Allah forgives our sins in sickness and generously teaches us beautiful prayers to ask Him to relieve our pain that is because of our own wrongdoings.

Shield and protect now the one that I love. This also helps them to motivate Health is a state of complete harmony of the body mind and spirit. Via 26 Islamic Message For Sick Person.

I know you have a purpose and I know you will bring himher healing. I pray that Your hand be at work in the life of my friend and You guide the sickness out of their body. Islamic sms for sick person Evry thng is boring Without U Nothing is same as B4 We all miss U All hearts are praying 4 ur Good health Hope U will get well soon and join us back.

I wish there was something I could say to ease your pain. Let us share the pain together. Click here for several prayers for healing and to post a prayer for those known to you who are ill at the moment.

Latest Islamic SMS Messages In this holy month of Muharram may Allah give you the strength and good health. Prayer for Spirituality of a Sick Friend. May Almighty give you patience and ease to pass through these trials.

Sending prayers hope and love in your direction. For this is the last and the end. It was narrated from Ibn Abbaas may Allah be pleased with him that the Prophet pbuh said.

Lord heal my friend from their sickness. Get well soon Islamic prayers SMS and Wishes in UrduEnglish help you increase the spirit of the sick man that he will be recovered soon. When he became seriously ill I Aisyah ra used to recite these two Surahs and rub his hands over his body hoping for its blessings.

Remember to pray for her every moment. Pray to Allaah and be confident of a response Cheer people up do not put them off Make things easy for people not difficult Eat with your right hand and eat from what is in front of you If Allaah gives you wealth let the blessing of Allaah be seen on you. Prayer for the Sick Friend Almighty Father Name is sick and Im of the belief that if I was in hisher position heshe will be beside me and watching over.

Whenever Allahs Messenger saw. However the tone and intent of your message shouldnt change. I am praying for your complete recovery after this surgery.

When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions the gates of the soul open. Like so I pray that You watch over himher and grant a speedy recovery. You are the Great Healer and I have total faith that You can help relieve them of this.

There is no earthly disease sickness or disaster that is too big for You and Your healing Lord. My heartiest sympathy goes to you and your family. The day is bright and the clean bill of health check has been written in your name.

A message of encouraging words for family of sick person like this demonstrates that you are interested in comforting your friend even though you cant change the situation. May the blessing of light be on you light without and light within. Im gathering with my family to pray with you that youre healed and loved well.

Dear God let my sick friend feel your empowering presence in hisher life especially at this time of sickness. Cover their wounds with Your grace feathered wings Shield them from sorrow breathe hope songs within. 27 Islamic Dua For Sick Person.

03 He will get better soon. Sovereign God youve allowed my friend to get sick at this time. May you find comfort and healing through your devotion towards Allah.

God will help you. The one who visits a sick person who is not dying and says seven times in his presence I ask Allah the Almighty the Lord of the Mighty Throne to heal you Allah will heal him from that sickness. Every route the drugs shall go through your system shall be free from problems.

You have been a great friend of mine. As you raised Lazarus from the grave raise my sick friend from the sick bed. Today your grief has touched us all.

Aoozu biizzatillaahi wa qudratihi min sharri maa ajidu wa uhaaziru. Cheer up dearest friend. The sun is up.

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