If you want to calculate when midnight is then calculate the time between sunset and sunrise then divide it in half. You can easily find the sunrise time each day on any website.

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How long is the prayer.

HOW LONG DO ISLAMIC PRAYERS TAKE. We should not deny the power of Allah He does what HE wills. He gives us what He wants when He wants us to have it. To sum up.

Most Muslims can complete their prayers in three to five minutes although pre-prayer ablutions or ritual washing can take almost as long. I know allah will answer my prayer but how long though. 1- Make intention niyyah to perform ablution for prayer.

It is stipulated that the length of the outward journey should not be less than 80 kilometres in order for it to be permissible for you to shorten your prayers. Muslims pray five times a day because this is a commandment of Allah and His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him. So if the sun sets at 5 pm and Fajr begins at 5 am then midnight is 11 pm.

2- Say Bismillah In the name of Allah. Oct 27 2008 2 salam2. Am I missing something.

4- Take a handful of water. Friday prayer is one of the most strongly emphasized duties in Islam. It takes me about 5 minutes for 2 rakah and 8 minutes for 4.

Generally 5 to 10 minutes but they can be longer even hours longFor example a prayer called taraweehtahajjud is very long its usually an hour and thirty minutesA prayer called Fajr Dawn is. Muslims pray 24 hours a day 2930 days a month round the years until last breath Namaz is amongst his prayers. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him even said that a Muslim man who misses three Friday prayers in a row without a valid reason strays from the straight path and risks becoming a disbeliever.

The best way it to pray it in the first third of the night. On regular 5 times a day prayer the congregation should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes if the Iman choose to recite less sentencesayat from Quran in the prayer however an Imam can choose to recite more sentencesayat which is rare the prayer can easily passed 25 minutes. And no pls dont say make friends at your local mosque or talk to people about islam no.

In the late afternoon people take a few minutes to remember God and the greater meaning of. Praying 5 times a day is an obligation upon every Muslim. For each of the five prayers - pre-dawn noon afternoon sunset and night Muslims have a few hours to make them although some say.

For Friday noon congregation which usually include a sermon. The time for Fajr first prayer of the day in early morning is till the sunrise. If you are going to stay more than four days you should offer your prayers in full.

Although each mosque is different the sermons of the Friday prayer usually last between 30-45 minutes. 15 mins for wudu. First it depends on the prayer p wudu shouldnt take more than 5 minutes.

So a Muslim carrying out these prayers will perform a whole series of set movements that go with the words of the prayer. The prayer in most mosques will usually fall in between 12-3pm. This prayer starts off the day with the remembrance of God.

It is performed before sunrise. This is followed by a short prayer that will last for another 5-10 minutes. Rinse your mouth three times and spit it out every time.

Its not like Im reciting really long surahs or anything just going at an easy speed. Alsalam You have to wait for 20 minutes after sunrise. 3- Wash both hands up to the wrist three times and make sure that water has reached between fingers.

That halfway point is the end of the time for praying Isha and that is midnight. If the night is ten hours long then it is not permissible to delay it until the end of the fifth hour. So you have to check exact time for sunrise in your area and pray before it but it is highly recommended to pray.

Prayer for a Muslim involves uniting mind soul and body in worship. In various verses in the Quran Allah mentions to perform the prayers perfectly with humility and attentiveness. WOW and then in salah it depends which ur praying zuhr and isha are the longest but then it also depends on wat surahs u recite up.

So you have to pray it before midnight based on the length of the night because the night may be longer or shorter so the guideline is how many hours the night lasts. The reason why prayer at these times is not allowed is so as to avoid any resemblance to the kuffaar who prostrate to the sun when it rises as a greeting to it and to express their joy. Five times a day before dawn fajr afternoon zohar before sunset asr after sunset maghrib during night esha.

But other people take like half that time. All of them may take collectively two and half hours. After the days work has begun one breaks shortly after noon to again remember God and seek His guidance.

The Prophet Muhammad also told his followers that the five daily prayers and from one Friday prayer until the next serves as an expiation for.

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