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Education is a process of very little effect on the behavior of any person or community. Islamic society as well as a system much depends on the concept and organization of.

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Others define it as religious education with emphasis on the Quran and other basic Islamic teachings and values.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF EDUCATION. Islamic conception of education teaches us to be the master of matter and mind to serve the human kind. Some emphasize the tarbiya or character development. THE CONCEPT OF EDUCATION IN ISLAM 3 INTRODUCTION The definition of Islamic education may vary according to who is writing about it and from which angle.

It has to be made clear that what makes Islamic education different compared to others is that education in Islam aims to educate human beings with knowledge and positive skills and to instil in them good ethical conducts approved by the Sharīah. Whereas Islam has made acquiring of education as compulsory it has also made it obligatory that they should provide the light of knowledge to others who are still in the darkness of. As we explored the general understanding of an educated individual within Western societies is someone who possesses critical faculties and is perceived as being autonomouswith aesthetic sensitivity.

Islamic education is the totality of Muslim human activity that is carried out seriously consciously and continuously based on faith and piety to Allah the Almighty. Before the modern era education would begin at a young age with study of Arabic and the Quran. Islam divides all types of knowledge education into 2 categories.

Concept of Education and Upbringing in Islam However not denying the Christian concept of education and upbringing as establishing a good basis for education it seems that it lacks inclusiveness methodology and accuracy compared to the Islamic one which seems to be comprehensive because it is based on a firm educational methodology. Ilm-e- Nafe Education which is beneficial not only for the person but also for the society country and the humanity. The Islamic concept of education is provision of such knowledge which makes the problems of human beings and their societies.

Education is also a model of the most effective social engineering to prepare a form of future society. Some students would then proceed to training in tafsir and fiqh which was seen as particularly important. Subsequently Wan Daud moves on to demonstrate Al-Attass concept of Islamic education for whom an educated man is a good man or a man of adab.

Muslim students have to be aware. The third section discusses three dimensions of education in Islam one focusing on individual development one on social and moral education and one on the acquisition of knowledge. For the first few centuries of Islam educational.

The term education in Islam is understood and comprehended in a totally different manner to what is understood within Western societies. Approach to all kinds of knowledge they are governed by the deeply felt ethical. 4 The Concept of Education in Islam way and in the context of the present discussion we say that what constitutes meaning or the definition of meaning is recognition of the place of anything in a system which occurs when the relation a thing has with others in.

Whether some one is a scientist a ruler a leader or a jurist knowledge is the basic requirement for these positions. According to Al-Attas the notion of adabtadīb contrary to Sahins argument of tarbiyah rests on seven key points which Wan Daud attempts to succinctly summarise. He is of the opinion that the purpose of education is not merely to build a character or to prepare an individual to spend his life rather its purpose.

ACQUIRING EDUCATION IS A JOINT RESPONSIBILITY. This is the keynote address delivered by Professor Naquib al-Attas at the First World Conference on Muslim Education held in Makkah al-Mukarramah in March 1977. Ashraf defines Islamic education as an education which trains the sensibility of pupils in such a manner that in their.

The Concept of Education in Islam. Education has played a central role in Islam since Ancient times owing in part to the centrality of scripture and its study in the Islamic tradition. Quran is the fountain head of wisdom from which all other sources of knowledge derive their authority.

This concept is widely accepted among those involved in teaching pedagogy and clearly shows that Muslim teachers aiming to educate young Muslims need to first themselves be the embodiment of the personality of our beloved Prophet prayers and peace of Allah be upon him and then work to educate the students so they too embody the mannerisms and conduct of the Prophet. A Framework for an Islamic Philosophy of Education. Therefore Quranic concept of education is that it explicitly teaches its readers principles in each and every sphere of life so that its followers have complete knowledge about their pattern of life.

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