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Koran and Islamic spirituality concerning God and love. Before you start reading this post Keep one thing in your mind about concept of love in Islam.

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Perspectives on the Concept of Love in Islam.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT ON LOVE. Some theologians thought that the attribution of reason or purpose to His deeds leads to the assumption that God is in need of His creatures and He creates them to meet some needs just like a human being who say works to earn money or studies to. I Both bridegroom and bride have to willingly approve the idea of their marriage. To draw an Islamic picture of the world including the story of the creation of the universe and mankind and then gods treatment of humanity one always needs to invoke the notion of love.

Prophet Muhammad Pbuh had 6. Islam encourages showing affection and love towards each other all the time. This includes love for parents love for sons and daughters for taking care of them love of neighbours colleagues relatives and even strangers.

The Concept of Love in Islamic Spirituality. NADIA FROM USA said. If youre Love is for the sake of Allah it will never die Beautiful Islamic Love Quotes Sayings.

Love per se is innocent. Angels are among Allahs best creation ever. By itself love does not cause any harm.

Thus in Islam love plays an essential role in ethics mysticism theology and even philosophy. Most of following Islamic Quotes on love are short but quite deep in understanding the situation of Muslim relationship. An ordinary dictionary defines it as an intense feeling of deep affection warmth fondness sense of attachment.

The non muslims on the othrer hand will understand the concept of love as understood in islam. The problem however starts when the meaning of love is distorted or contaminated by foreign elements. The last concept of love in Islam is loving His creation.

No religion urges its followers to adopt mutual love affection and intimacy like the religion of Islam. God Himself is love and has created the world out of love. It covers on the significance and the doctrinal foundations of love in Islam both Divine love for Himself for all beings and for mankind and human love for God and for fellow humans.

By concept of love marriage in Islam if you mean that the Quran recommends or condemns it directly anywhere then most certainly that is not the case. The concept of true love in Islam. In reality and in the final analysis God alone is lover God alone is beloved and God alone is love.

Moreover love is Gods eternal nature because he does not change. According to Islamic narrations supported by rational arguments the entire reason for having faith or lacking faith is based on love for Allah and for whatever is related to Him. All relationships should be for the satisfaction of Allah.

Love to the Angels. A sacred love is the love which is realistic and insightful. The concept of love is epitomised in every aspect of Islam.

Like almost all other concepts of love the Islamic concept of the love between a man and a woman describes the love as a gentle caring kind intimate feeling which is full of affection. The true concept of love in Islam states that two people a man and a woman can fall in love with each other regardless of their age caste race or social status. This is manifested through our practice of the concept of rahmah which can be translated as love mercy compassion or forgiveness.

Discovering Islam 344 Articles Shariah 344 Articles Videos 344 Articles Family Life 344 Articles Fatwa Counseling 344 Articles Muslim News 344 Articles. Love and Reason According to Islam love has to be enlightened. For example we read in traditions that once the Prophet peace be upon him and his progeny asked his companions.

Humans are our families friends and partner in life. This is first and foremost done by promoting the love of God amongst our fellow man. It has been a common theme in moral advises by great Muslim preachers and Sufi masters that one should not let ones love for something or.

Love as the Highest Reason for Creation In early kalam Islamic theology a heated debate started on the purpose behind Gods creations and acts. Loving each other as humans is also a concept in Islam. Rather it is a positive attitude.

This should be the case at all times not just on specific days. However if one were to look at the spirit of the Quran and the Sunnah the following understanding emerges. They have the most noble task to connect the Prophet to Allah and eventually connect every Muslims to Allah.

Islam enjoins the general concept of love between mankind as well. This means that God is lover and beloved outside of time and whether or not there happens to be a universe. This work is an introduction to the subject of love.

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