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Our loving Heavenly Father I pray that you protect my family and me from all the evil as well as from those who would like to harm us. Second that man is praying to his God to protect him from the evil that has not yet taken place.

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To you returns peace.

ISLAMIC PRAYER OF PROTECTION. We got these duas and reminders from Muslim SGs article. Islamic Protection against Witchcraft. Protection against that is attained by reciting Quran and adhkaar dhikrremembrance of Allah prescribed in shareeah Islamic law.

Islamic Prayers for Peace. In one of the mosques I found a piece of paper on which was written Duaa al-Tahseen prayer for protection. O Allah conceal my secrets and preserve me from anguish.

O Allah I seek Your forgiveness and Your protection in my religion in my worldly affairs in my family and in my wealth. And accept my invocation Surah Ibrahim Verse 40. Lord I pray Your emotional physical and spiritual protection over my kids grandkids.

Here is the complete procedure of how to read this prayer for healing recovery and peace-. And protect us protect us protects us completely with your strongest protection- 3x 3. O Allah You are our Companion on the road and the One in Whose care we leave our family.

I seek the protection of my Lord and the Lord of all things. From Quran on protection for offspring and family. Prayer or dua is one such a way to control over the witchcraft.

Dua SupplicationPrayer to Allah is a strong weapon for a Believer as only Allah has the power to make things happen. It provides you with authentic Islamic literature and other resources beneficial to humanity. The duaa was as follows.

Quran describes all the ways of Islamic protection by which we may minimize the effect of witchcraft. O Allah we ask You on this our journey for goodness and piety and for works that are pleasing to You. O Allah you are Peace and from you is peace.

O Allah lighten this journey for us and make its distance easy for us. Prayer for the Protection of Family. There is none worthy of worship except You.

First read all the 5 prayers and then go to sleep. I pray You will guard their minds from harmful instruction. Blessed are you O.

First that man is praying to his God to protect him from the evil that has already taken place. I believe and trust you please listen to my prayer. Prayer for protection and cure from all.

O Allah I seek Your forgiveness and Your protection in this world and the next. And lead us to your abode of peace. I seek protection in Allaah besides Whom there is no god my God and the God of all things.

Prayer for Protection from Evil. Keep evil far from them and help them to trust You as their refuge and strength. Protect us and our loved ones from harmful diseases and lets pray that the situation will get better InsyaAllah.

Surely unto our Lord we are returning. اللهم أنت السلام ومنك السلام تباركت ذا الجلال والإكرام. Islam provides the ultimate protection against the witchcraft.

Prayer for Protection O God you are my Lord. Guard us and also protect us from all the evil that surrounds our lives. And from the evil of the dark night when it penetrates.

Find out more articles on Islam on their website. Make me one who establishes regular prayer and also from my offspring our Lord. Undoubtedly the jinn can have a harmful effect on humans and they could even kill them.

Rabbi ijAAalnee muqeemas salati wamin zurriyyatee rabbana wtaqabbal duAAa O my Lord. Set the alarm at midnight from 1 Am to 4 Am and then do the wudu according to the Sunnah. Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen may Allah have mercy on him said.

Best Prayer for Healing Protection. When we look back in our past then we find the evidence for Islamic protection methods. In the meantime take care and stay safe PS.

Recite-O Allah protect and shield this house and our family from the evil of your entire creation from all evil jinns and magicians from all calamities disasters and all dangers. I rely upon You and You are the Great Lord of the Throne.

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