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Maintaining that there is no God except Allah and. This belief is the most important and fundamental concept of Islam.

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As such God is different from anything that the human senses can perceive or that the human mind can imagine.

WHAT IS THE ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF GOD. Surah Ikhlas - the touchstone of theology. Concept of God in Islam Muslims believe in the Almighty one of a kind the unborn the Almighty creator that is to say Allah. Often people think that Allah is a special God of Muslims or a different God than they worship.

Muslims believe in one God who created the universe and has power over everything within it. Islamic doctrine emphasizes the oneness uniqueness transcendence and utter otherness of God. 30 and certainly is not divine QS.

Because of this Islam considers associating any deity or personality with God as a deadly sin that God will never forgive despite the fact. Personal name of God is a reflection of Islams emphasis on the purity of the belief in God that is the essence of the message of all Gods messengers. The first and most important teaching of Islam is the oneness or uniqueness of God Allah.

Again and again the Qur. Islam also teaches that He is all-knowing and the perfect judge of affairs and will punish or forgive accordingly. Nothing else can be called Allah.

Based on the concept of tawhid Muslims believe that God cannot be held equal in any way or degree to any other being or concept. The concepts such as God resting on the seventh day of creation God wrestling with. Islam rejects characterizing God in any human form or depicting Him as favoring certain individuals or nations on the basis of wealth power or race.

Gods or feminine ie. The Islamic concept of God is that He is loving merciful and compassionate. He created human-beings as equals.

So Islam teaches a balance between fear and hope protecting one from both complacency and despair. It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities. Surah Ikhlas Chapter 112 of the Glorious Quran is the touchstone of theology.

The word tawhid is derived from the words wahid and ahad which mean one unique and peerless. To a Muslim Allah is the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the universe Who is similar to nothing and nothing is comparable to Him. The One true God is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam associates with Allah.

That means that God must be a loving and gracious being. It is interesting to note that Allah is the personal name of God in Aramaic the language of Jesus p. The Concept of God in Islam.

In Islam God is never portrayed in any image. Weve seen that Muslims and Christians agree that God by definition is the greatest conceivable being and that besides being all-powerful all-knowing all-present and so forth the greatest conceivable being must also be morally perfect. Thus Theology means study of God and to Muslims this four line definition of Almighty God serves as.

The Concept of God in Christianity. This isnt surprising since Islam historically speaking is an off-shoot of the Judaeo-Christian religious tradition. So lets look first at the Christian concept of God and ask why Muslims find it rationally objectionable.

This shows its exclusivity when compared to the word god which can be made plural ie. The God of Islam encompasses all creation but no. However Allah once said to Muhammad My mercy prevails over my wrath.

The God of Islam. They may distinguish themselves and get His favor through virtue and piety only. For instance although Christians testify to the oneness of God the concept is muddled by the trinity and the belief that Jesus is the Son of God whereas Islam rejects the worship of God in the form of any of his creations be they men or women animals images or inanimate objects even if they are perceived to be intermediaries.

17 75 and he was not crucified QS. This is not the case with Allah. Tawhid is the Islamic concept of monotheism.

Allah is the one who created time and the universe from nothing so this is why the nonexistence of Allah is unimaginable. Christians believe that God is an all-powerful all-knowing all-holy eternal spiritual Being who created the universe. The word Allah is a reflection of the unique concept that Islam.

The Concept of God in Islam. The Islamic concept of God is absolutely pure and free from every tinge of Shirk which means attributing the powers and qualities of God to His creation and vice versa. Theo in Greek means God and logy means study.

Monotheism belief in one God is the most important and foundational concept in Islam. Islam has a morally deficient concept of God. Muslims agree with all these attributes or properties of God.

Ahmad Shafaat 198 The starting point for the understanding of the Islamic concept of God are the phenomena or events that take place in nature and the world of man. Allah is the Arabic name of God the same God of Adam Noah Abraham Ishmael Isaac Moses Jesus and Muhammad. An Islamic Perspective Jesus is really not son of God QS.

Allah is the personal name of the One true God. He is unique and exalted above everything He creates and His greatness cannot be compared to His creation.

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