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AIMS is among the leading United Kingdom based institutions for professional education and has earned its strong academic reputation worldwide since it was established in 2005. Islamic banking or finance is any banking or financial activity that follows the principles of Shariah a code of conduct that guides Muslims in economic social and political matters.

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HOW ISLAMIC BANKING WORKS. The main prohibitions or restrictions of the Shari a include for Islamic financing system are-Prohibitions in Islamic Finance System. Islamic Banking refers to a system of Banking or Banking activity that is based on the principles of the Shariah Islamic. 224 Islamic Banking is a Ri ā- Usury Free Banking System One cannot conveniently discuss the characteristics of Islamic banking without e tio i g its i ā-f ee ite io.

Islamic bonds or sukuk typically backed by physical assets that pay a dividend or rent to bondholders rather than interest. Islamic finance hardly existed 30 years ago yet today is a 25 trillion industry with hundreds of specialised institutions located in more than 80 countries. Islamic banks are by far the biggest players in the Islamic finance industry and account for 175 trillion or 70 of total assets.

The ideas of Islamic banking are derived from the Quranthe central non-secular textual content of Islam. Interest being the cogwheel of the modern banking is strictly prohibited in Islam and hence. The Shariaah principles are.

They have their own set of fundamentals they stick to and manage money differently than conventional banks. As they relate to business transactions. Islamic banking concepts have an indistinguishable reason from traditional managing an account aside from that it works as per the guidelines of Shariah known as Fiqh al-Muamalat.

Despite Islamic banks being prohibited from giving or taking interest they are able to generate profit through a number of Shariah-compliant means. Murabaha a financier such as a bank buys a commodity and sells it. A Bank is the establishment for the custody of money received from or on behalf of its customers.

Islamic financing respects a number of principles dictated by the Quran the Sunna prophetic tradition or Fiqh Islamic jurisprudence. Islamic banking is grounded within the tenets of the Islamic religion. How Islamic Banking Works - YouTube.

How Islamic Banking Works. Ownership remains with the bank until the lease is paid off by the customer. Islamic Banking is a concept that is based on Shariaah principles and the structure is different than conventional banking from its essence nature and spirit.

Here the bank works like an individual agent. Perhaps the most popular principle is that interest is not allowed. However Islamic banks work a little bit differently.

Knowing About Islamic Banking. Ijara is when banks buy an asset such as a car and lease it to the customer. The interest Riba The prohibition of riba is a fundamental rule of Islam.

Islamic finance is a way of doing financial transactions and banking while respecting Islamic law or sharia. The one big difference being that the Islamic banking industry is bound by the rules of Islamic law. The bank lends its expertise and manages investments of the customer on behalf of the customer for a particular duration in order to generate an agreed upon profit return.

A common misconception exists that Islamic banking products are only available to Muslims but thats not true. Islamic banks work like conventional banks except they have to obey specific Islamic principles. Non-Muslims are perfectly welcome to apply as well.

Banking in Islam as an account exercises must be polished reliable with the Shariah and its pragmatic application through the improvement of Islamic financial aspects. How do Islamic banks make a profit. Which in turn means that almost everything is approached handled and managed differently calling for skilled Islamic financial professionals to build and maintain the industry.

Following are some widely used methods of Islamic finance. I ā is the I e e t i the sales of t o usu ious commodities or practice of lending money for a length of time on the understanding of repaying the capital with an. In Islamic banking all transactions should be compliant with shariah the authorized code of Islam primarily based on the teachings of the Quran.

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