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The writer concludes that Al-Ghazali suggested. Now it is time again to move back towards the original principles of Islam and form a welfare and peaceful state for all without any distinctions based on religion caste or sect etc.

Good Governance An Islamic Perspective

Definition of Good Governance Good Governance is the practice of governance in order to provide services to the people.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. The objectives of this writing is to make formulation the concept of good governance of Al-Ghazali based on ethics philosophy. Islam being a complete code of life provides guidelines about economic social political. They remain impersonal in the discharge of.

They behave with restraint and avoid abuse of. Modern Concept of Good Governance in Islamic Perspective Tahmina Fazil Dr. The Quranic model of governance was implemented during the era of first four rightly guided Caliphs and the result was a true welfare state.

Islamic political system is based on its specific worldview that is essential to know in any understanding of Islam. Judges are independent and subject to no other authority but the law. There is a consensus that good governance is significant for human resource development in any Society.

In addition the doctrine of judicial independence is a constitutional principle in Islamic constitution. Good Governance in Islam. In other words it is means the rule of justice observance of rights responsibilities and ethics as explained and enunciated by Islam.

The concept of Good Governance may be a new idea for this modern democracy but in Islamic world hundreds of thousands examples are available that rightly guided caliphs of Islam from Hazrat Abdul Bakr to Hazrat Ali RA and then Hazrat Umar bin Aziz they did everything for ensuring the good governance that ultimately benefited the welfare of the masses. In the words of fourth rightly guided Caliph Hazrat Ali RA they should have the qualities of refinement experience alertness power of comprehending problems secrecy freedom from greed. Allah Taala is Sovereign.

Public concerns are given importance by the government. Definition The Quran defines good governance as the rule of justice a just and ethical order and observance of rights and obligations in a society. Good governance Islam divine leader governance of apostle of God no n-democratic governor unity of command people or iented governance welfare promising go vernance.

The good governance is a dynamic concept through which publiccitizens are provided basic facilities at their door step. The ultimate object of good governance is delivery to the masses at every cost and it is one of the prime objectives of the government to take care of its citizens. They act within the parameters of the law and take upon themselves the countrys concerns and hardships.

IN public administration all the key public functionaries ought to be people of high calibre just and energetic and must possess qualities of head and heart. Major Principles of Islamic Governance. Concept of political ethics in the view of of Al-Ghazali and what the view of Al-Ghazali on government ethics that can be interpreted as the principles of good governance is.

Islamic perspective of good governance refers to the observance of consultation brotherhood social justice minority rights equality simplicity and commitment to the welfare of people. In this context the World Bank IMF UNDP various NGOs and numerous studies conducted by them suggest that good governance primarily relies. Secular and Islamic Concept of Good Governance and its State in Bangladesh.

Islamic view of good governance is qualitative and not mechanical. The Quran tells us that Allah Taala is the Creator and Lord of the whole universe including humankind and all that is associated with them. Governance is the regulation and delivery of duties and rights as per policies and thus good governance implies the deliverance of these duties in the best manner.

Before going to the concept of good governance in Islam we must know what governance is. In short Muslims are enjoined to establish good governance through a just sociomoral order or a state wherein they could organise their individual and collective life in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Those when given authority in land establish system of salah give zakah and enjoin what is good maruf and forbid what is wrong munkar.

In Islamic concept of good governance those in authority behave with restraint and avoid abuse of power. Munaza Hayat Abstract Islam is a complete code of life as it encompasses all regimes of life. Good governance is a culture that makes people act responsibly thoughtfully and conscientiously.

Major features of good governance can be précised under seven fundamentals. Good governance in the Quran in which to create a good relationship with God and also to the people. Hence the idea to promote good governance organized by the Shariah is compatible with Islam.

All knowledges apparently complying to be the modern and new basically get roots from the Islamic civilization and form. Good governance has become a central issue where the presence of the globalization era demands for good governance.

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