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A dead person was brought to the Prophet peace be upon him so that he might lead the funeral prayer for him. Narrated Salamah ibn Al-Akwa.

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This prayer is offered in a specific way with a few Takbirs which literally means God is greater every Muslim adult male must perform the.

ISLAMIC PRAYER AT FUNERAL. Transliteration Allaahumma inna name the person fee thimmatika wa habli jiwaarika faqihi min fitnatil-qabri wa athaabin-naari wa Anta ahlul-wafaai walhaqqi. After prayers the body is taken to the burial site in a silent procession. Through this video you will learn the history importance benefits and practice of the funeral prayer.

A brief yet beneficial guide to the funeral prayer performed in Islam. It is done as follows. Most of the words are spoken silently.

There is no azaan iqamah rukoo. Islamic Funeral Prayers. As long as some gather and perform it the obligation is removed from the community as whole.

When someone of the Islamic faith dies Muslims within the community will gather together to offer prayers for the deceaseds forgiveness. It is also permissible to recite another small chapter after it if the time allows. In other words if some Muslims of the region conduct the funeral service the remaining members would be absolved.

They stand during the prayer at a funeral not bowing as with daily prayer. You say the first Takbeer Allaahu akbar then you seek refuge with Allaah from the accursed Shaytaan then you say Bismillah ir-Rahmaan ir-Raheem and recite al-Faatihah followed by a short soorah or some aayahs. In preparing for the burial of the deceased the family or other members of the Muslim.

Conditions to perform the funeral prayer is just like any other prayer ie. The Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him and his companions may Allaah be pleased with them explained how the funeral prayer is to be done. Funeral prayers are led by the Imam the holy leader.

Exhort to recite There is no god but Allah to those of you who are dying. This funeral prayer is called the Salat al-Janazah or Janazah prayer. Al-Bukhari and Muslim There is a consensus among scholars that Janazah funeral Prayer for a deceased person whether male or female is a communal duty fard kifayah as the Prophet commanded Muslims to offer it due to the above hadith.

The funeral prayer is offered after the washing and shrouding of the deceased. Imam says loudly Allah-o- Akbar God is the greatest and the whole congregation stands with their arms folded. Islamic Funeral Prayer the Finality of Death.

Men then children and women in the back. Faghfir lahu warhawhu innaka Antal-Ghafoorur-Raheem. O Allah whom among us You keep alive then let such a life be upon Islam and whom among us You take unto Yourself then let such a death be upon faith.

Tahara wudoo facing qibla and intention etc. With regard to the reward of offering the funeral prayer. 1 After the first takbir Surat al-Fatihah is recited silently.

The body and all attendees are all turned to face Mecca which is the holy center of Islam. When someone of Islamic faith passes away Muslims within the community often gather to offer prayers for the deceaseds forgiveness. Muslim funeral prayer O Allah ease upon him his matters and make light for him whatever comes hereafter and honor him with Your meeting and make that which he has gone to better than that which he came out from.

The book of prayer - funerals 2124 Prompt the Dying person to say La Ilaha Ill-Allah Abu Said al-Khudri reported Allahs Messenger صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم as saying. Salat-e-Jenaza or Namaze Jenaza. He asked Is he in debt.

The performance of funeral prayer is considered fard kifaayah a communal duty. Muslims are required to say at least five prayers daily. Translation O Allah surely name the person is under Your protection and in the rope of Your security so save him from the trial of the grave and from the punishment of.

Steps of the funeral prayer. Allahs Messenger then led his funeral prayer. Attendees form at least three lines.

Islamic funeral prayer or Janaza prayer as it is called consists of Imam standing in front of the body with congregation behind him lined up in odd number of lines. 2 After the second takbir the prayer for the Prophet saw should be made. The funeral prayer janāzah is a communal obligation farḍ al-kifāyah upon believers after the passing of a muslim in their community.

O Allah forgive our living and our dead those present and those absent our young and our old our males and our females. After a few moments the Imam repeats Allah-o- Akbar again then. It is basically those five prayers that are said at the funeral with a few differences.

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