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There are no minimum criteria that define this group only their inability to satisfy the basic needs of life. It is the second major blessing as gift for us after the blessing of Faith.

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Social work is a profession which creates that system or environment helpful in enhancing and elevating the capacities of people living in a society.

ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF SOCIAL WELFARE. Social work is in other words service to humanity. Without putting both of these principles into practice there can be no true fulfillment of ones religious duties. The economic implication of this comprehensive welfare concept is that the Islamic state is responsible for the following.

All the teachings of Islam are based on two basic principlesworship of God and service of men. This distinction highlights the difference between charity and benevolence. However Islamic concept of charity and social security has never been debated in the light of the moral economy.

The economic philosophy of an Islamic state is based on the concept of social justice. This concept of welfare is comprehensive in nature aims at achieving the welfare of mankind in totality of which economic welfare is merely a part. In order to meet social justice Islam takes two major steps.

The first two categories of the eight beneficiary groups are the poor and the needy. This article describes the formative development of the conceptual framework of the Islamic perspective on social work benefiting from insights gleaned from. Social welfare in islam ALL human beings according to Islam have been created by one and the same God.

Umar Chapra ISLAM has a set of goals and values encompassing all aspects of human life including social economic and political. Pp 357 maps and charts. And for this reason they belong to one great brotherhood.

For social workers in the Muslim world authentization of social work implied the integration of Islamic religious knowledge with current practice theories. It could be said that Zakat is the first institution of social welfare in Islam. The Concept of Social Welfare S D Punekar Report of the Study Team on Social Welfare of Backward Classes Vol 1 Committee on Plan Project--New Delhi.

The Islamic concept of social welfare also provides fundamental principles for the protection of indigent sections of society. Firstly it discourages rather condemns concentration of wealth in few hands. The Muslim community in America is one which thinks dynamically.

An Islamic state provides equal opportunities to all its citizens to earn their livelihood. Islamic concept of charity is not exception for that debate of social welfare and the security Scott 1987. We cant deny the fact of great health blessing from Almighty Allah.

Muslim socialist leaders believe in the derivation of legitimacy from the public and wish to implement a government based on social welfare and the concept of zakat. The Islamic Social Services Association of the United States and Canada ISSA and a few seminars by the Islamic Society of North America ISNA have also generated some material which should be useful in clarifying some of these concepts. In practice this has been seen through guaranteed incomes pensions and welfare.

Secondly it ensures fair and equitable distribution of wealth through effective measures. All being descendants of the same progenitors they should naturally be each others well-wishers and should willingly come to one anothers assistance like members of the same large family. Therefore it is a religious duty to involve in social welfare developments.

Even prophets are sent to promote and protect human interest and welfare. And after the worship of God no task is nobler. It emphasizes on the moral values and the contribution to the neglected segment o f the society.

Islam suggests a social welfare model which aims improving individuals material wellbeing and at the same time leads them to the attainment of spiritual uplift. But the latter still clinging to a 19th-century positivistempiricist epistemology hampered the inclusion of religious concepts in professional practice. The Islamic Welfare State and its Role in the Economy M.

All prays of purity and blessing goes to Allah. It cannot afford not to move towards. And the theory of this profession actually comes from the field in terms of working with individuals groups communities and families.

Allah Almighty the most merciful the most beneficent the compassionate. However Islamic concepts of social welfare developments are introduced by divine commands to meet basic needs of people. Since all aspects of life are interdependent and the Islamic way of life is a consistent whole its goals and values in one field determine the goals.

The Concept Of Social Welfare In Islam. Islamic concept of the Welfare State is based not only on the manifestation of economic values but also on the moral and spiritual social and political values of Islam. To eradicate poverty and to create conditions for full employment and a high rate of growth To promote stability in the real value of money To maintain law and order To ensure social and economic justice.

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