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Istikhoroh prayer to get a mate choice

 Istikhoroh prayer 

Istikhoroh Prayer Intention

MuslimCreed | The istikhoroh sunnah prayer is a prayer that is done to ask for guidance and help from Allah. Whether it's in terms of work, matchmaking or plans that are still in doubt to choose which path to take. Starting from personal interest and public interest. Basically the istikhoroh prayer is done when we feel confused in making a decision.

There is no specific time for the istikhoroh prayer, that is, it may be performed at any time, during the day or at night, as long as it is not at forbidden times. But it would be better to do it at night, at 01.00 .

The number of rak'ahs for the istikhoroh prayer itself is 2 rak'ahs, for the method of implementation is the same as the way of carrying out fardu prayers. The only difference lies in the intention.

For more details, let's follow the article that we summarized in the istikhoroh prayer procedure to ask for guidance on a mate.

Istikhoroh Prayer Intention

Not different from praying in general, the istikhoroh prayer begins with reading intentions that can be said in the heart. The following is the intention of the istikhoroh prayer:


Meaning: I intend to pray sunnahistikharah two rakaatlillahita'ala

The law of performing istikhara prayer

Imam Nawawi, in his work 'Al-Adzkar' argues that the law of carrying out the Istikharah prayer is sunnah and is highly recommended, in all matters or matters that have several choices.

For anyone who has an intention or wants to ask for guidance about a thing that he wants to do, then he is circumcised to pray two rak'ahs and pray with the prayer that has been taught by the Prophet.

How to Pray Istikhoroh

pray istikhoroh

from the companions of Jabir bin 'Abdillahradhiyallahu 'anhu, he said,

The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu 'alaihiwasallam, taught us the istikhara prayer in every case or business that we faced, as he taught us a chapter from the Koran.

In general, the istikhoroh prayer procedure for a mate is basically exactly the same as the other prayer procedures. The only difference that makes the istikhoroh prayer different from other prayers is the intention and the istikhoroh prayer that is read after doing this prayer.

According to ShaykhWahbah, in carrying out the istikhara prayer, it is recommended to read Surah Al Kafirun after reading Surah Al Fatihah in the first rak'ah. After that read the letter Al Ikhlas after reading the letter Al Fatihah in the second rakaat.

Here's how to pray istikhara:

1. Purification, either ablution or tayammum.

2. Intention

3. Takbiratul ihram, followed by iftitah prayer

4. Read Surah Al Fatihah

5. Read letters from the Koran, preferably Surah Al Kafirun

6. Ruku' with tuma'ninah

7. I'tidal with tuma'ninah

8. Prostrate with tuma'ninah

9. Sitting between two prostrations with tuma'ninah

10. Second prostration with tuma'ninah

11. Stand up again to perform the second rakat

12. Read Surah Al Fatihah

13. Read letters from the Koran, preferably Surah Al Ikhlas

14. Ruku' with tuma'ninah

15. I'tidal with tuma'ninah

16. Prostrate with tuma'ninah

17. Sitting between two prostrations with tuma'ninah

18. The second prostration with tuma'ninah

19. End tahiyat with tuma'ninah

20. Greetings

Reading the prayer after the istikhoroh prayer is done


Meaning: "O Alloh, I ask for guidance in choosing the good in Your knowledge, I ask for the good to be destined by Your nature, I hope for Your great bounty. You are almighty and I am your weak servant. You are omniscient and I am your ignorant servant. You know all that is unseen and hidden.

O Alloh, if this (...) in Your knowledge is good for me, good in my religion, both in my present and future life, make it easy and make it easy for me then give me a blessing from it. But if in Your knowledge this (...) will bring disaster to me and to my religion, bring consequences in my life both now and in the future, keep it away from me and keep me away from it. May You predestined me to the good, verily You are All-Powerful over all things."

A new practice of sunnah prayer is considered an istikhoroh prayer if after the prayer the person who does it immediately reads the istikhoroh prayer. If the istikhoroh prayer is not read, then the sunnah prayer will become a regular sunnah prayer or another sunnah prayer (according to the intention that has been recited).

Thus the review of the istiqoroh prayer procedure for a mate along with the prayer that is read. Hopefully after reading the istiqoroh prayer procedure for this mate and practicing it, you can get instructions and ease in choosing or deciding something.


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