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Believe in the books of Allah SWT and love the Qur'an

Believe in the books of Allah SWT and love the Qur'an
Love the Qur'an

MuslimCreed, Let us reflect on what would happen if we ride a vehicle on the road but do not have a clear goal. We just go up but don't know where to go, of course we will only waste fuel and disrupt the journey of other road users. Even over time we can get lost. Likewise with human life in this world. If this life does not have a clear and correct direction, it will only spend ages without any benefits and then get lost. So that our lives do not go astray, Allah SWT provides guidance through the book that was revealed to His Messenger. 

These books are a guide for humans to be happy in this world and the hereafter

1. understanding of faith in the books of Allah SWT

According to language, faith is believing or justifying. According to the term, faith is a belief that is believed to be true in the heart, spoken orally, and practiced with deeds. So, faith in the book of Allah SWT means believing and believing with all your heart that Allah SWT has sent down His books to His Messengers. If we don't have guidance that comes from Allah SWT, of course we will never know the existence, oneness, and majesty of Allah SWT. Likewise with those who preceded them, they knew the oneness of Allah through His books.

The Scope of Faith with the Scriptures

Faith with the scriptures includes 4 things:

- Faith that these books come down from Allah swt.

- Faith with names that we know from these books, such as the Qur'an which Allah swt revealed to Muhammad, the Torah to Moses (as), the Gospel to Jesus (as), and so on.

- Justification for authentic news, such as news contained in the Qur'an and previous holy books as long as these books have not been changed or distorted.

- The practice of what is not written from these books, accept it and submit to it, whether the wisdom is known or the unknown."

Allah SWT says in Q.S al-Maidah: 16

2. the names of the books of Allah and the recipients of the Prophet

There are 4 books revealed by Allah SWT to this world, Allah SWT also gave the name for His books. Sequentially starting from the first time it was revealed until now, the four books that we must believe in are the Torah, the Zabur, the Bible, and the Qur'an.

The Torah (revealed in the 12th century BC)

The Torah was revealed to Moses in the 12th century BC on Mount Sinai, the name Torah means law or Shari'ah. At that time, the prophet Mua a.s was sent by the Prophet to preach to the Israelites while the language used in the Torah is Ahaa Hebrew. As mulm we must believe in the existence of this Torah and we must believe that the Torah is truly a revelation from Allah SWT. This belief is reinforced by the information contained in the Qur'an. One of them is contained in the word of Allah Q.S al-Mu'minun: 49

The main teachings contained in the Torah are:

- the command to unite Allah SWT

- prohibition of worshiping statues/idols

- prohibition of mentioning the name of Allah SWT in vain.

- orders to sanctify saturdays

- command to respect both parents

- prohibition of killing fellow humans

- prohibition of adultery

- no stealing

- prohibition of being a false witness

- prohibition of taking the rights of others

 Kiab zabur (tuned in the 10th century BC)

The book of Zabur was revealed by Allah SWT to Prophet David a.s for the Israelites or the Jews. This book was handed down in the Jerusalem area. This book is in the Qibti language.

The Word of Allah SWT Q.S al-Isra: 55

We are the gospel (described in the 1st century AD)

The Bible was revealed to the Prophet Isa (as) in the Jerusalem area in the Suryani language.

Allah SWT says in Q.S Maryam: 30

The Bible contains the same basic teachings as the previous books. However, there were those who erased some of the teachings of the Torah which were no longer in accordance with that era. In general, the Bible contains the following:

- ordered to return to unite Allah SWT

- confirm the existence of the book of taurant

- Erase some laws in the Torah that are no longer in accordance with the times

- explained that in the future the Prophet will return after Prophet Isa a.s, namely the Prophet Muhammad SAW (in addition to being in the Bible, this explanation is also in the Torah)

 The book of the Qur'an (revealed in the 7th century AD during the year 611-632 AD)

The Qur'an is a book that was revealed by Allah SWT to the last prophet and messenger, namely the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The holy book of the Qur'an was revealed by Allah SWT as a complement to the previous books.

The word of Allah SWT in Q.S al-Imran: 3

In general, the main points contained in the book of the Qur'an are:

- Aqeedah (belief) is like the oneness of Allah and the angels of Allah SWT.

- morals (character) which is related to the application of noble character and avoiding despicable morals.

- Worship, which is related to worship procedures such as prayer, zakat and other worship.

Muamalah, which is the procedure for relating to fellow human beings

- the date (history) is the story of the people and the past

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