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Benefits of Wudhu Water for the Body

Benefits of Wudhu

Benefits of Wudhu Water for the Body

A Muslim before praying, it is required first to take ablution. Wudhu is an activity to purify ourselves before finally we as servants of Allah face the Lord, the owner of the universe. Part of the body will later be cleaned using special methods that have been determined.

In fact, this ablution has many benefits that are not known by many people. These benefits are related to the health of the limbs. For those of you who are curious what are the benefits that can be obtained by doing ablution, then the following will be reviewed in more detail.

What are the Benefits of Wudhu Water?

Healthy Digestive System

The first benefit of ablution is to nourish the digestive system. This ablution water is known to be very good. One health expert from Germany once revealed that washing the body and bathing will provide many benefits.

These advantages can not only clean, but will also strengthen the skin and make the body feel fresh. In addition, the activity of washing the body makes the digestive organs in the body better and healthier.

Useful in Preventing Disease and Strengthening Facial Muscles

The next benefit that can be obtained by doing ablution is that you will be protected from various diseases, but it can also strengthen facial muscles. For example, when you rinse your mouth, of course it will make the gaps in your teeth clean from food residue.

This will eventually also keep your mouth awake from disease. In addition, gargling movements that are carried out regularly and repeatedly will make facial muscles stronger and can keep your lips well hydrated, so this will keep you from chapped lips.

From a study that has been done, ablution is also able to prevent other risks, such as headaches, cancer, toothache, colds, rheumatism, flu, aches and pains and so on. Therefore, it is important for us from now on to take ablution in the right and solemn way.

Very Good For Heart

The next benefit of ablution that is very unexpected is that this ablution water is very good for your heart health. Wudhu water which has not too much levels to clean areas of the body, in fact it is also able to affect the internal organs of the body.

Based on research that was conducted by a heart specialist in the City of London, it was explained that by dipping your limbs into the water it will restore the stamina of the body that is starting to weaken.

In addition, it will also make you avoid muscle and nerve spasms, overcome anxiety, normalize heart rate, and help overcome insomnia or insomnia.

Help Improve Concentration

For the next benefit, doing ablution will make you able to increase concentration. Neuroscientists have proven this. Wudhu water can cool the nerve endings in your toes and fingers. In the end it will also make your concentration will be better and increase.

Prevent Skin Cancer

Performing ablution every day is very useful also to prevent you from skin cancer. The benefit of this one is obtained from a study conducted by an expert. He found the fact that ablution water is indeed able to prevent cancer. Skin cancer is caused by chemicals that stick and seep into the pores of the skin every day.

By doing ablution every day, it will help in cleaning the chemicals contained in the skin. So that it will keep you awake from skin cancer.

Helps Rejuvenate Skin

The benefits of this one are certainly highly desired by women around the world. Wudhu water can help in rejuvenating your skin. So that way you will look more youthful and prevent premature aging.

Prevent Germs

One of the movements performed before taking ablution is cleaning the nostrils and gargling. This activity is actually able to provide significant benefits. By gargling regularly every day and cleaning the nostrils, it will help you get rid of the mucus in the nose.

And also avoid various kinds of dirt left on the teeth. In addition, the ablution movement by washing your palms and face will remove all the dirt that sticks, after you have been active all day.

Does It Really Help in Maintaining the Health of the Body's Nervous Center?

Helps in Maintaining the Health of the Body's Nervous Center

The next benefit of ablution water is that it can help maintain the health of the nervous center in the body. This is known from the results of research that has been done by several experts. The most sensitive nerve centers in the human body are in the hands and feet.

The parts of the nerves are indeed very sensitive to the touch of water. So when you perform ablution regularly every day, it will keep the nerve center healthy.

Helps in Maintaining Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, the movement of this ablution will help you relieve headaches. Wudhu by rubbing the head and part of the hair is very good for maintaining blood pressure in the body. Because it will help in smoothing blood flow which will be able to provide freshness.


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