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How to clean unclean and how to purify it

How to clean unclean and how to purify it

Muslim Creed For Muslims, it is important to know the various types of unclean. In the teachings of Islam, uncleanis considered to cause worship to be invalid when it comes to the body or a place for worship.

In Islam, cleanliness is the most important thing in worship. Maintaining cleanliness is also recommended in the Al-Quran, namely in Surah Al-Ma'idah verse 6. And in one of the prophet's hadiths about cleanliness, namely "Cleanliness is also part of faith".

Cleanliness is not only accepted or not, but about the body, clothes, and place also greatly affects the solemnity of worship.

Moreover, it is currently entering the month of Ramadan. The month in which Muslims compete to perform worship because all the deeds of worship will be multiplied.

Therefore, it is important that we are always clean. One way to do cleanliness is to avoid all kinds of unclean things.

Unfortunately, some Muslims do not understand the types of unclean and how to clean them properly and correctly.

To find out more about unclean, such as various kinds of unclean, for example, and how to clean them. Let's see.

The meaning of unclean

Quoting Nu Online, unclean in language is something that is considered dirty even though it is holy and makes worship illegal. Since uncleaninvalidates worship, it must be cleaned before performing worship.

As the word of Allah SWT in the Qur'an Surah Al-Muddatstsir Verse 4, which means "And clean your clothes."

In Surah Al-Muddatstsir Verse 4, the Prophet Muhammad is encouraged to purify his clothes from uncleanness and avoid his clothes from getting unclean.

To clean clothes is to clean them from unclean and dirt. A broader understanding, namely cleaning the place of residence and the environment from all forms of dirt, garbage, etc., because in clothes, bodies, and a dirty environment there is a lot of sin.

In order for our worship to be valid and accepted, consider the various kinds of unclean, along with how to clean them.

How to clean unclean and how to purify it

Various kinds of unclean

In fiqh, there are 3 kinds of uncleanwhich have been sorted by level, namely mild, moderate, and severe.

The three categories of unclean, each has a way to clean it.

1. uncleanMukhaffafah (Light)

The first kinds of uncleanness are mukhaffafah unclean.

This is a light impurity. What is considered uncleanmukhaffafah is the urine of a baby boy who is not yet 2 years old and has not consumed any food except his mother's milk.

How to CleanuncleanMukhaffafah

To clean mukhaffafah unclean is to use clean water.

The Messenger of Allah said: "Anything that is exposed to the urine of a girl must be washed, while if it is exposed to the urine of a boy, it is enough to sprinkle water on it." (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Nasa'i).

How to clean using water, namely water must be on the whole place or body affected by this unclean. The water used must also be more than the urine that hits it.

After that, then the object that has been cleaned, then squeezed and dried. In this condition, it is not required to use running water.

2. uncleanMutawassitah (Medium)

The second kind of unclean is mutawassitahunclean.

This is moderate unclean or halfway between light and heavy unclean.

• Human waste

• Menstrual blood

• Madzi, which is a clear liquid that comes out of the genitals that is not accompanied by a very strong impetus

• Wadi water, namely white, cloudy and thick water that comes out after urinating.

• Pus mixed with blood.

• Blood that comes out in large quantities.

• Arak (liquor).

• Animal waste that is forbidden to eat.

• Animal carcasses, except humans, fish and grasshoppers.

• Throw up

How to Cleanunclean Mutawassitah

If we are exposed to this unclean, there are 2 ways to purify it, namely first we have to clean it until the color, shape, smell, or taste is gone. Second, followed by flushing with clean water.

Hadith Bukhari and Muslim contain about how to purify menstrual blood unclean narrated by Asma 'radiyallahuanha.

"A woman came to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihiwasallam and said, 'One of us's clothes are stained with menstrual blood, what should he do?' you may wear it for prayer." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Another example is when we are exposed to vomiting in a room. Throw away the vomit first until the place is dry. Then, flush with water until it is completely clean and just flush it on the affected area and don't forget to wipe it dry.

3. Unclean Mughalladah (Heavy)

Mughallazhah uncleanness is a type of severe uncleanness.

Examples of this unclean are exposed to the saliva of dogs and touching pigs. If we are exposed to this unclean, how to clean it is not as easy as the two unclean above. There are some rules for cleaning it.

How to Cleanunclean Mughallazhah

Mughallazhahunclean can be purified by washing the affected body with water 7 times, one of which is mixed with dust. This is in accordance with the hadith which reads:

"The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihiwasallam said, 'The sacred vessel of one of you when a dog licks in it, let him wash it 7 times and the first time with earth'." (HR. Muslim).

However, before washing with water, we must first remove the form, color, smell, and taste of the unclean. By law (hukmiyah), the unclean is still there because it has not been washed with water.

Mixing clean water with dust can be done in 3 ways:

• First, Mix clean water and dust together. Then, place it on a place or body that is unclean. This method is more important than other methods.

• Second, put dust on the place or body that is unclean. Then, give clean water and mix the two, then just rinse.

• Third, give clean water first on the place or body that is affected by unclean. Then, give dust and mix the two, and then wash.

4. Forgivable Impurity (Ma'fu)

In addition to the three kinds of unclean, we must also know that there are unclean that can be forgiven or tolerated. That is, the unclean does not need to be washed or washed with water.

An example of this uncleanis the carcass of an animal that does not bleed or pus at all.

Not only that, the unclean that are forgiven are minor uncleanthat are invisible to the eye, such as when we urinate, don't take off our clothes and are splashed with urine whose grains are not visible.

Those of you whose clothes are exposed to a small impurity that is invisible to the eye, as in the previous example are still considered valid for worship because the unclean clothes are included in the category of unclean, they are forgiven.

How to Cleanunclean Ma'fu

If we are exposed to uncleanma'fu, actually there is no need to wash it. However, if in doubt, we can wash it with clean water or perform ablution.

So, there are various kinds of unclean, examples, and how to clean them. Hopefully it helps, and hopefully by knowing it, our worship will be more solemn!

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