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Humble, frugal, and simple make life more noble

Humble, frugal, and simple make life

Humble, frugal, and simple make life more noble

Muslimcreed.com Let's reflect, in everyday life of course you have met people who are humble. Whether in the neighborhood of residence, school, or elsewhere. A humble person can be felt from the way he talks, behaves, and stands. How do you feel when you meet such a person? Of course we feel comfortable and happy. Likewise, when we can decorate ourselves with this noble behavior, of course the people around us will feel comfortable being and meeting us.

It is not surprising that a humble person is liked by many and has many friends. Usually such people will be closer to success. May you also be a part of this humble person. A humble person is not only liked by humans, but is also loved by Allah swt. How happy life is when we are loved by Allah swt and liked by the people around us.

As has been done by the Prophet Muhammad SAW., he is a human being who has all the advantages. Nevertheless, he was always humble, both towards his family, friends, even to those who were hostile to him. He is known as a person who is humble to everyone.

Humble, frugal, and simple are noble morals that were also taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Thrifty and simple will make human life more calm and peaceful. If we want to be frugal and live simply, our feelings will not be easily influenced by things and desires that are not important. That is why the Messenger of Allah placed great importance on these two attitudes in everyday life.

Allah swt says in Surah Al-Furqan: 63

In this verse Allah teaches us to have a humble nature, this humble nature must be manifested in each of our behavior, both towards ourselves, towards Allah swt, and towards people who are ignorant of us. A Muslim who has a humble nature will get the pleasure of Allah swt both in this world and in the hereafter.

Humility is also known as tawadu'. The definition of tawadu 'is an attitude of self that does not feel superior to others. People who believe in 'tawadu' believe that all the advantages that are in him are solely a gift from Allah swt. With such confidence, he feels that it is not appropriate for him to be proud of his advantages. On the other hand, all the advantages it has are received with a blessing to be grateful for.

Humility can be seen when they walk, from here you will see the nature and attitude of simplicity, far from arrogance, steady steps, and appear with their identity. Humble people do not like to imitate other people's styles, especially those styles that are not in accordance with Islamic teachings. Humble people always want to appear in accordance with their identity and human nature.

The opposite of humility is arrogant, arrogant, arrogant, or haughty. Have you ever seen a person who walks with pride and a big head? Such a person is truly unsightly. If we do that other people will not be happy with our appearance. Allah swt also strictly forbids humans to walk with arrogance. The word of Allah swt in Q.S al-Isra: 37

Allah swt strictly forbids humans to be arrogant. Only Allah swt has the right to be arrogant. All creatures including humans should not be arrogant or arrogant. Did you know that Allah is very angry with Satan because of his arrogance? At that time Allah swt ordered Satan to honor and respect Adam a.s. but the devil arrogantly refused and said that they were better and noble in rank than Adam a.s. Satan feels that he who was created from fire is far more noble while Adam (as) was only created from clay.

People who are humble in rank will be raised by Allah swt. On the other hand, a person who has a high heart will be humiliated by Allah swt Meanwhile, Allah swt also said in Q.s al-Isra verse 27.

This verse was revealed by Allah swt in order to explain the wrong lifestyle of the ignorant people. The ignorant are the Arabs before getting the light of Islam enlightenment. They like to spend a lot of time, they think that the degree, fame, and honor can be seen from their ability to spend their money and spend their money to have fun.

In this verse, Allah swt confirms that squandering and wasting wealth is a waste which is an act of Satan. Thus it is clear that this kind of action is strictly prohibited by Allah swt. On the other hand, Allah swt teaches us to live frugally, simply, and care for others by giving charity. With actions like this, the possessions we have become more meaningful to ourselves and useful to others around us. How beautiful is the teachings of Islam. Therefore, let's practice it in our daily life.

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