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Prioritize honesty and uphold justice

Prioritize honesty and uphold justice

Honesty and Justice

MuslimCreed-Have you ever been lied to by a friend? How did you feel at that time? 

Of course, usually you will be hurt and hate that friend. Thus, lying to others will result in hurt, hatred, and mutual distrust. Really if this happens then life will be chaotic and full of strife. Therefore, be honest with everyone. By being honest you will have many friends and be trusted by others. Honesty will lead a person to goodness, and kindness will lead to heaven.

Basically, everyone wants to be treated honestly and fairly. Both parents will be very proud if their children are always honest. Of course you will also be happy if you have friends who are always honest in every situation. Friends are like a reflection for us, a person's personality can be seen from his close friends. If his close friends are good people, then he is most likely a good person, and vice versa, this is the importance of choosing friends who have noble character.

Let's look at the surrounding environment, every day the electronic media and print media report on the events of the little people who are struggling to find justice. Starting from housemaids who are treated unfairly by their employers, to workers who are manipulated by employers. They fought with full hope for their rights to be granted. All of this illustrates that everyone wants to be treated fairly. Doesn't the fifth Pancasila read: social justice for all Indonesian people? Justice is the basic capital to achieve the welfare of the nation. Therefore, justice must be upheld with full sincerity.

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Honesty and justice are two noble qualities that every believer must possess. Both must be instilled and accustomed from an early age. At home, at school, and everywhere, you must be accustomed to behaving honestly and fairly. Moreover, the younger generations of Muslims who will become leaders in the future. The Indonesian nation needs honest and fair leaders. Therefore you must hold fast to these two noble behaviors.

Everyone longs for a harmonious and peaceful family, family life will be harmonious if each family member respects each other and behaves honestly. Honesty in the family is the initial foundation in life in society. Each member of the family must behave honestly with each other, in the sense of saying what is in accordance with reality. People know to tell the truth to their children, as well as their children to tell the truth to their parents. Can you imagine what would happen if each member behaved dishonestly? Of course there will be quarrels and disputes. Gives hostility will arise as a result of dishonest behavior.

All members of society will live in harmony and peace if each upholds honesty. On the other hand, dishonesty will create conflict between community members. Conflict that occurs in the midst of society is a frightening social disaster because it can escalate into a brawl between residents. Really all this is not wanted together.

Honesty must be prioritized in every relationship, whether at home, at work, at school or in the community. Losses due to dishonesty will be felt by yourself and others. A person who is dishonest will find it difficult to gain the trust of others. While other people who have been lied to will feel disappointed and hurt. Trust cannot be bought with money, trust will arise if someone is honest. For example, someone who is honest will usually be chosen as treasurer. The task of the subgguh treasurer is very difficult, because he must record and record finances correctly and honestly. Every task and obligation that is carried out properly will definitely get a reward from Allah swt in the form of a reward.

While fair means giving rights to people who are entitled to receive them, putting an affair in its place. A just person is a person who sided with the truth, not on the side of friendship, ethnic equality, or nation. Islamic teachings uphold the principle of justice. This can be understood because Islam is a mercy for all nature (rahmatan lil alamin). Therefore every Muslim is obliged to uphold justice in any position. Moreover, a Muslim who becomes a police officer, prosecutor, judge, or other legal apparatus must uphold justice regardless of ethnicity, religion, social status, rank or position. Islam as rahmatan lil alamin will be realized if every Muslim upholds justice.

The verse above explains that upholding justice must be for the sake of Allah alone, not for personal or worldly interests. Personal or worldly interests must be put aside in upholding justice. In fact, if we testify for the sake of close relatives, then we must also testify by telling the truth, even though the testimony is detrimental to him. Likewise, if we testify for the enemy, then we must testify by telling the truth even though it is in his favour.

What if the truth comes from infidels? We must remain just and accept the truth even if it comes from unbelievers. Even if we reject the truth from the disbelievers, it can be categorized as tyranny. So this justice applies to all friends and foes alike. If we just have to accept the truth that comes from infidels, then we must accept the truth that comes from fellow Muslims. Therefore, it is very strange when fellow Muslims fight each other just because each feels that his opinion is the most correct.

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