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Prohibition of being unemployed and the promise of Allah SWT for those who try


Prohibition of being unemployed

Entering 2022, many ustadz are giving advice and advice to Muslims to continue working for good. This is in line with the Word of Allah SWT in the Qur'an, which is the guideline for all Muslims.

In Islam there is the term ikhtiar which means freedom and independence in their choice and determination of actions. This effort can also be interpreted as effort because in essence people who are trying means choosing, so in general the meaning of endeavor is effort.

For Muslims who have faith in their God, in that endeavor, do not arbitrarily rely on their own endeavors without asking for help to the substance that created them. Islam places effort together with prayer.

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Effort is an effort that must be made by humans to be able to meet all their life needs, both material, emotional, spiritual, health, sexual, and also their future, so that the goal of life is to gain prosperity in this world and the hereafter, quotes Muammar in a hadith study about the concept of endeavor and destiny in the thoughts of Muhammad Alghozali and Nurcholis Madjid; (Thought a comparative study).

Efforts must be made seriously, wholeheartedly and as best as possible, still not separated from the abilities and skills possessed.

The founder of the Al-Fahmu Institute Jakarta Al-Qur'an indictment center, Ustadz Fahmi Salim, explained that one of the principles that Allah emphasizes in the Qur'an and is often ignored is the principle of always doing work, not being empty or unemployed.

"Don't be a vacuum, because emptiness will only give space for the devil to enter, so we are busy with useless things," said Ustadz Fahmi who was quoted in his book entitled "Tadabbur Qur'an at the end of time", Saturday (1/1). ).

Graduating from Azhar Cairo explained, there should be no word of unemployment for a Muslim, because every time is always filled with doing good work. According to him, this is a simple principle that is conveyed in the verses of the Qur'an, precisely in Surah Al Insyyirah. Allah SWT says:

Surah al insyirah
Surah Al Insyyirah verse 1-8

On the other hand, Ustadz Fahmi Salim explained, that verse is a motivation that a Muslim is a person who works hard, not lazy. According to him, a Muslim is a person who only hopes for Allah SWT.

The letter from Al Insyirah contains motivation for fighters, encouragement for fighters, and workers in charity work," explained Ustadz Fahmi.

He added, Allah SWT will give a guarantee for His servants who have tried to try, work hard in life, then Allah SWT will open the way of comfort for him. "Interestingly, at the end of this sura, even though the Prophet Muhammad faced serious problems, Allah SWT still ordered him to continue to struggle, work, and do charity Da'wah. Don't be lazy, and don't waste time that goes on endlessly "he said.

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