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The story of a Muslim who wants to repent


The story of a Muslim who wants to repent

The story of a Muslim who wants to repent, then asks about shalat repentance, and the Muslim Creed website will answer questions and tell the story of that Muslim. The Muslim story is as follows.


AssalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuhUstadzIs it true that if you repent to Allah, you must repent first before carrying out other practices?


a Muslim has a desire to repent, when he wants to repent to Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala, he does Shalatsunnahtaubat, then Should it be done on Friday night?


As for this Muslim question, there is a hadith that explains this, if we do something, then he should take ablution water then do shalat two rakaat,


As for the shalat referred to in the hadith, it is interpreted by scholars as Shalatsunnahtaubat, yes with Shalatsunnahtaubat,


Even though the question from the Muslim is that he wants to ask forgiveness from Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala, then he does shalat repentance, or he generally refers to the hadith of the prophet, when in fact the sin committed by the Muslim if accompanied by good deeds, Undoubtedly it will erase it .


so for example when we commit a sin, we are accompanied by good deeds, then it can already erase the sinful act,


then the second explanation relates to the implementation of Shalatsunnahtaubat, Should it be on Friday night? from this question the Muslim creed looked for some information and as a result we did not find any information about the best day to do Shalatsunnahtaubat, so no information was given to us, no information from the Prophet sallallaahuAlaihi Salam, suggestions for doing Shalatsunnahtaubat on Friday night.


If we come to believe in this, then we are included in the hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihiwasallam, "Whoever does a deed that has no basis from us, it will be rejected."


So in this issue we must first pay attention to what is the law then technical and so on. So that when we worship Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala, we can be perfect to get the reward from Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala.


shalat repentance is sunnah when someone commits a sin, even if it is a minor sin or a major sin, Shalatsunnahtaubat is done directly after committing a sin or sin.


This is something that we need to pay attention to that among the forms of Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala's love for his servants, as for the form of his affection, namely Allah opens the door of repentance as wide as possible to Muslims who are sorry, and want to ask forgiveness and correct their actions and promise will not repeat the sin.


This door of repentance will continue to be open as long as the spirit of a servant has not reached his throat or before the sun rises in the west (the Day of Resurrection). By doing this shalat repentance, a servant can complain, pity, admit, and ask forgiveness for sins committed to Allah after a long time of immorality. and forget about it. kneel down and hope for Allah's forgiveness.


That was the story of a Muslim who wanted to repent then asked about the best time to do Shalatsunnahtaubat, readers of the Muslim creed website, hopefully we can all stay away from sins and immoral acts, as for when we accidentally sin, because basically Humans are the place to make mistakes, and when we sin, we can ask forgiveness from Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala.


thank you and continue to support this website, as for the story of a Muslim this will be continued in the next post, see you soon.

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