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The Wisdom of the Story of Bal'am bin Ba'ura

The Wisdom of the Story of Bal'am bin Ba'ura, The Ulama who Defends the Dzolim Ruler for the World's Treasure

Story of Bal'am bin Ba'ura

Muslim Creed - This story is taken around the story of the Children of Israel from Qososul al-Quran (the story of the Qur'an) from a fragment of a verse in the Qur'an Surah al-A'araf: 7: 175-177.

The Prophet Muhammad himself allowed us to “tell this story of the Children of Israel and it is okay (al hadith). Bal'am bin Ba'ura, was a scholar from among the Children of Israel who lived at the time of the Prophet Musa a.s. He was blessed with extensive knowledge, including in knowing the noble names of Allah SWT (asmaul al a'dzhom), and various other advantages, so that each of his prayers was always granted by Allah SWT. In the book of Dalail khoirot by Imam al Jaazuli it is also the case that the prophets by using the name of Allah are always accepted.

When Prophet Musa (as) and his entourage traveled from Egypt. they stopped at the land of Bani Kan'an, the place where Bal'am lived. Seeing the arrival of Prophet Musa (as) with other pious people. Rulers and some tribal leaders felt threatened their position. Usually, if in an area there is a threat from immigrants, especially good people, surely those who feel disturbed by their existence will provide resistance and resistance. Kan'aniyun at that time was led by rulers who were arrogant and tyrannical and carried out many arbitrary actions. So, with the arrival of good people like Prophet Musa, their existence will be disrupted, moreover, the prophetic mission itself, aside from purifying monotheism, also always defends justice and human rights equality.

Because they knew that Bal'am was their cleric, they finally came to Bal'am asking Bal'am to pray for Moses and his followers to perish. They came to Bal'am and said: "O Bal'am, Musa bin Imran has been present in the midst of the Children of Israel. We were worried that they would kick us out.” Verily, we are your people, and you are the ones whose prayers are answered. Go out and pray to Allah swt to inflict bad on them.

At first Bal 'am refused. He realized that Moses was the messenger of Allah who was on the path of truth. Therefore, it was impossible for him to be hostile to Prophet Musa and his followers. However, because he continued to be persuaded in exchange for giving him wealth and position in the end, through his wife he wavered and accepted the offer. Finally, Iman Bal'am could not refuse it. And he joined the oppressors. So that Allah swt revoked all the glory that was in him.

One of Bal'am's strategies in influencing the Children of Israel, which was led by the Prophet Musa, was by sending beautiful women from his people to tempt the people who were running away from this exodus. Of course, in the midst of their flight and thirst for desire, they were finally tempted to commit adultery and finally the Children of Israel got harm and torment in the form of a plague. After the prophet Musa knew that this was all the result of Bal'am's deception, he prayed to Allah to take away all the knowledge that was in Bal'am. This is where Bal'am feels a loss because of the loss of the world and the hereafter, but instead of repenting, he follows his desires. He then rode his donkey to Mount Husban, where he could see the Prophet Musa and his followers. After only walking a few steps, the donkey roared and wouldn't move.

But Bal'am, who had joined the oppressor, didn't care and continued to beat him. Allah swt let the donkey walk until it arrived in front of Prophet Musa (as) and the Children of Israel. Then Bal'ampun began to pray for evil to Prophet Musa (as) and his followers. But he does not pray for bad for them, but Allah turns his tongue so that he prays for bad for his people. He does not pray for goodness to his people but Allah turns his tongue so that he prays for goodness to Moses and the Children of Israel. Seeing his reversed prayer, his people immediately protested, "O Bal'am, do you know what you are doing? You only pray for good for them and pray for bad for us?"

He replied, “This is what I have no control over. This is something that Allah has ordained.”

Then his tongue stuck to his chest, and he said, "Now I have lost this world and the Hereafter. There is nothing left but treason and deceit, so I will make treason and deceit for you.”

Allah SWT sent down various kinds of disasters, as well as infectious diseases that killed more than 70,000 people. And made Bal'am's tongue stick out like a dog. Such is the wrath of Allah SWT against the unjust rulers and scholars who are willing to sell their religion for the sake of their wealth and position. Allah (swt) humiliated them like a dog loyal to its master. Warning or not, he would stick his tongue out. Such is the fate of scholars who are willing to sell their religion, for the sake of wealth, position and people who pay for it.

May Allah strengthen our faith and Islam, stay istiqomah in the way of carrying out orders and stay away from prohibitions by not being easily tempted by persuasion in the form of false worldly favors, so that we too suffer losses in this world and the hereafter as experienced by Bal'am earlier.

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