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9 Ways to Educate Girls in Islam

Nine Ways to Educate Girls in Islam

Nine Ways to Educate Girls in Islam

How to educate girls in Islam applied by the Prophet Muhammad?

Muslim Creed - Children are a beautiful gift from Allah SWT. Therefore, every parent must educate and take good care of it. However, the method of educating girls tends to be given more attention, especially in Islam.

according to a saheeh hadith, daughters can later become helpers for their parents.

"Whoever is tested by something from his daughters, then he does good to them, one day they will become a barrier from the fire of hell." (Narrated by al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Girls also have different virtues from boys. Because from the womb of a woman will be born the next generation of intelligent nation.

A woman also has a responsibility to teach morals and commendable morals to her children. If a woman is educated by instilling Islamic values, God willing, she will be the helper of her parents in the afterlife. That's why, educating girls will be more challenging.

So, how to educate girls in accordance with the teachings of Islam? Here's how the Prophet educated girls that we can imitate.

How to Educate Girls in Islam? 

1. Doing the Science of Tawhid

Tawhid or the concept of divinity is the first thing that must be taught by girls. For example, by telling that Allah SWT is the God who created humans.

In addition, we can also teach him to say the creed, namely, Laihalaillaallah Muhammad Darrasullullah (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah SWT). By repeating this reading, gradually your little one will continue to remember it.

Explained from Ibn Abbas, the Messenger of Allah said: "Open the tongues of your children first with the sentence "Lailaha-illaallah". And when they are about to die then read, "Lailaha-illallah. Indeed, whoever starts and ends his speech "Lailah-illallah "Then he lives for a thousand years, then no sin will be asked of him." (Sha'bulIman).

2. Teaching Daily Prayers and Duties as a Muslim

After that, your little one also needs to be taught about daily prayers. The habit of reading this prayer will also grow his love for Allah SWT.

Then, don't forget to set an example by saying 'Bismillah' before doing something and 'Alhamdulillah' after doing something.

When your child is 2-3 years old, he or she can be introduced to reading the Koran such as the hijaiyah letters. Then, as an adult, teach them to fulfill their obligations as a Muslim, namely praying and fasting.

Although the obligation is carried out when the child is baligh, we can already introduce and get used to the Little One praying and fasting.

Let your little one see our habits of praying and fasting, so that he too is accustomed to these obligations.

3. Teach Noble Morals and Courtesy to Parents

Teaching noble character can be the initial capital to grow other goodness in our daughters. Therefore, teaching good morals must be done.

The Prophet also really liked someone who had the best morals, and he also often taught his children about how to behave well with fellow humans.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhiwasallam said: "Indeed I was sent only to perfect the honor of morality."

In addition, the Prophet Muhammad also taught his children about the procedures for good behavior to both parents. Because that's what Allah SWT commanded.

"And We have commanded man to do good to his parents, his mother conceived him in a weak condition that grew weaker and weaned him in two years, be grateful to Me and to your parents. Only to Me you will return" (Q.S Luqman: 14)

4. Teaching about Women's Fiqh

In accordance with the hadith, parents are obliged to provide good education for their children, including regarding matters of femininity or women's fiqh.

You can teach this woman's fiqh education when she is of age. Starting from how to dress that covers the genitals, to matters regarding menstruation.

The more she matures, the more women's jurisprudence is needed because it is related to daily activities.

5. Teaching Household Skills

Quoted from Muslimah.co.id, household skills are definitely needed, so that our daughters can be independent. Moreover, later she will become a wife who will manage the household with her husband.

So, cooking skills, caring for children, cleaning the house and so on also need to be learned.

6. Teaching Being a Wife

A woman will later be responsible for being a wife. Therefore, guide your daughter to be a good and pious wife.

Whatever the profession of a woman, when she becomes a wife she will be responsible for being a pious wife.

7. Teaching Women to be Mothers

Until whenever, a woman will continue to learn to be a mother. Therefore, from childhood, teach our daughters to be a good example.

When women grow up, they have an obligation and responsibility to teach and raise their children. Characters that are embedded in childhood will unwittingly be carried over to adulthood.

8. Give the Best or Decent Education

Providing the best or proper education is one way of educating girls in Islam. So, we need to prepare education for the Little One so that he becomes a smart and intelligent person.

As parents, we need to prepare the best supplies so that our little one has a bright future. So, we need to prepare enough school fees for him in the future.

Don't let us and ads find it difficult to provide proper education for your little one!

In the hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, it is also discussed about providing education to girls.

The hadith reads "Whoever protects two daughters until they grow up. Then he will come on the Day of Resurrection with me." Then Anas bin Malik said: The Prophet joined his fingers."

The hadith explains that parents themselves are obliged to protect their daughters until they grow up.

Protecting itself can be interpreted as a form of parental treatment in providing proper education, both religious and general knowledge education that they will learn at school.

9. Teach to Cover Aurat

The next way to educate girls in Islam is to teach them to dress and cover their aurat.

In Islam, women are also taught to cover their genitals. Not only that, men are also taught to look away when they see women with short clothes.

It was narrated from Aisyah RA, when Asma 'bint Abu Bakr met the Messenger of Allah in a short dress, the Messenger of Allah immediately turned his face away and then said "O Asma', indeed women, when they have reached puberty, do not deserve to be seen except this and this ( he pointed to his face and his palms). (Narrated by Abu Dawud).

So, the hadith that has been mentioned above has a meaning, the Prophet SAW has also explained and has taught Muslim women, including their children, to dress in an Islamic way, namely to wear clothes that cover their nakedness.

In addition to applying the method of educating girls in Islam, we must not forget to teach ourselves how to love ourselves, OK! This is very useful for growing your little one's self-confidence.

Not only that, we also need to teach the little one to recognize themselves such as knowing body organs and changes in body shape. This way of educating girls is very important to prepare the little one for puberty and also to avoid it from other forms of child sexual abuse.

Well, those are some ways to educate girls in Islam that the Prophet also applied.

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