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Closer to Allah swt whose name is very beautiful

Closer to Allah swt whose name is very beautiful

MuslimCreed | Have you ever felt close to Allah swt. So that your feelings feel so calm? Have you ever felt so far away from Him that your soul felt empty? Happy are those whose hearts feel close to Allah swt. Such people will feel serenity and happiness within themselves. Conversely, when a person's heart feels far from Allah, it will always be filled with anxiety.

So that we can become people whose hearts are close to Allah swt, we need to learn about how to learn to be close to Him. One way is to know Him better, to be recognized by His beautiful names. By knowing then continuing to understand His beautiful names. When the heart is close to Allah swt, then as servants, let's ask Him, by offering our prayers and hopes. Allah swt has great love and compassion for His servants. We can ask Him anything. If we are not sure that Allah swt then our prayers will be in vain.

So before praying to Allah swt, we must first believe that Allah swt can give us what we need. That means we have to have faith in Him. Being a believer is not a light or easy matter. As humans are accountable to Allah swt, faith is very important.

Faith in Allah swt

Basically, humans need provisions to navigate life in this world and in the hereafter. Faith is the main provision for a person to determine the direction of his life. Life without faith is like a lost person. People who are lost do not know the direction of the wind and do not know where to go. How important is this issue of faith so that as Muslims we must really understand the nature of faith, how to believe and to whom we must believe.

Faith literally means believing, while according to the term faith means believing and believing with all your heart, saying it verbally, and proving it by action. Signs of faith in a person can be seen from the deeds done because one's personality is a reflection of the faith that exists within a person. Faith in Allah swt is the essence of all human beings in the pillars of faith. Thus, faith in Allah swt must be planted properly in one's self, because if faith in Allah is properly implanted, this error will continue to faith in angels, books, apostles, the Day of Judgment, and His qadla and qadar. Allah swt says in the Qur'an Surah an-Nisa verse 136

A person's faith can be thick or thin, it can increase or decrease. One way to increase faith in Allah swt is to understand His good and beautiful names. We often hear those names as Al-Asmau 'Al-Husna

Al-asmau al-Husna means the good names of Allah swt. Allah swt introduces himself with His good names. In accordance with His words in the Qur'an Surah al-A'raf verse 180.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) explained that the good names of Allah swt are 99 in number. Those who are ready to memorize then Allah swt will enter into His paradise.

Among His good names are al-Alim, al-Khabir, as-Sami, and al-Basir.

  • Al-Alim, which means all-knowing. Allah swt knows the visible or the unseen. All activities carried out by creatures can be known by Allah swt, even the events that will occur are already known to Allah swt. In other words, Allah's knowledge is limitless.

  • The behavior that can be realized in believing in the nature of Allah al-Alim is that we must continuously seek Allah's knowledge by learning to contemplate His creation.

  • Al-Khabir, meaning Omniscient, knowing hidden things, Allah swt created billions of creatures with various kinds, all known to Allah swt with detail, full accuracy, and vigilance, both physically and mentally. Nothing in Allah's creation is wrong. This indicates that Allah swt is most aware, Allah swt knows in detail what His creatures are doing.

  • The behavior that can be realized for people who believe that Allah swt is all-aware is that we must be vigilant and careful about what we do or what we will do. We must be vigilant and careful in carrying out activities, whether at school, at home, or in other places. People who are vigilant will get maximum results, and will not regret it in the future.

  • As-Sami, which means all-hearing. Allah swt hears any sound that is in this universe, Allah swt's hearing is unlimited, not a single sound escapes His hearing, even though the sound is very low.

  • Behavior that reflects faith in Allah swt who has a listening nature is that we must strive so that everything we say is a good and useful word, because we believe that Allah swt always hears everything we say, even what is still in our hearts is heard by Allah swt.

  • Al-Basir, which means all-seeing, Allah swt sees everything even though it is soft and small, Allah swt sees everything in the sky and on earth. Even this entire Universe can be monitored

  • Behavior that reflects the belief that Allah swt is all-seeing is that we should try our best to be able to see the events that occur in nature as material for reflection on the greatness of Allah swt.

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