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God's Gift to the Prophet David

God's Gift to the Prophet David

Prophet David got many virtues from Allah SWT. The journey of his life became a lesson for the people of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Therefore, the Koran perpetuates the story of the Prophet David.

In the Qur'an, Surah Sad verse 17 is described that the Prophet David was a strong prophet. An expert on the interpretation of the Qur'an who is also the caretaker of the Bayt Qur'an Islamic Boarding School-Qur'an Study Center (PSQ), UstazSyahrullah Iskandar, explained that in that verse Allah ordered the Prophet Muhammad to be patient with the insults and words of the Quraish infidels.

Allah also asked Rasulullah SAW to remember the story of the Prophet David who was blessed with strength both physically and in power. Even so, UstazSyahrullah said, Prophet David was a human being who always returned all affairs to Allah and was happy in worship. Every day, Prophet David used half of his night to worship Allah. He also intermittently fasting.

Prophet David is one of the examples that the Prophet (PBUH) greatly imitated. "So in one narration, the prophet commented on the Prophet David kana 'abdalBasyar that Prophet David was a human who worshiped Allah the most, the value of his worship was more than other humans. That is the praise of the Prophet Muhammad to Prophet David," said UstazSyahrullah who is also a member of the commission. 

Da'wah of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in the study of the interpretation of Surah Sad verse 17 in the book al-Qishah fi Qur'an al-Karim Tafsir by Sheikh Muhammad SayyidTantowi which was held by the Nasaruddin Umar Office (NUO) virtually, some time ago.

UstazSyahrullah, who is also a lecturer in the interpretation of the Koran at the SyarifHidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, said that Allah gave the Prophet David a gift in the form of a beautiful voice. In addition, as described in Surah Sad verses 18-20, Allah gave a gift to Prophet David so that the mountains followed the prayer beads of Prophet David. Including the ability of Prophet David to tame the birds that followed Prophet David to glorify. Allah SWT also made Prophet David as a king who received strong trust from his people and wisdom or knowledge in solving problems.

Allah also asked the Prophet Muhammad to remember the story of the Prophet David.

However, there was a time when Prophet David was reminded by Allah SWT for judging one-sidedly on a dispute. In verses 21-26, the Koran tells about two people who are at odds. The commentators have different opinions, some say it is an angel, but some say it is a human.

Both entered the palace of the Prophet David but not through the main door. Instead, they secretly climbed the wall and entered the mihrab (place of worship) of Prophet David. Their arrival also made the Prophet David surprised and worried.

They then asked Prophet David not to be afraid of their presence. Both explained about the purpose of meeting the Prophet David. Namely, so that the Prophet David decided fairly and correctly on the dispute that occurred between the two people.

One of the two men pointed to his brother. He said that the brother already had 99 goats. Meanwhile, he only has one goat. He told the Prophet David that his brother then asked for one of his sheep. Until in the debate, he lost and had to hand over a goat to his brother.

Prophet David immediately decided that his brother who had 99 goats had done wrong. However, after giving a decision, Prophet David realized that the two people were a test from Allah.

UstazSyahrullah said Prophet Daud was aware because he was punishing unilaterally. Prophet Daud had already made a decision before listening to information from the other party. Prophet David also asked Allah for forgiveness for his mistake in making a decision. Allah also forgave him and Prophet David was reminded to give a fair decision and not to follow the passions that can lead astray.

"This shows how the position of the Prophet David was high and the gift that God gave. The story of the Prophet David inspired the Prophet Muhammad so that it strengthened the Prophet to carry out the message," he said.

Ustaz Syahrullah said, in al-Qishah fi Qur'an al-Karim Tafsir, Sayyid Tantowi also criticized many commentators who described that Prophet David had pleasure in women, even those who had been proposed by other people. According to SayidTantowi, this actually injures the infallibility of the Prophet David.

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