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History of the Birth of the Prophet of Allah "Muhammad SAW" to the earth

Prophet of Allah "Muhammad SAW" to the earth

Welcome, beloved of Allah swt

Did you know that before appearing on the face of the earth, The Prophet Muhammad was notified by Allah swt to the prophets who were human beings who had a noble character. Moreover, Allah swt always prays to him, Prophet Muhammad is the cover of the prophets who is a mercy to all nature. 

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the bearer of good news, threats, and orders who are exemplary human beings throughout the ages. He is a human messenger of Allah swt to whom mankind asks for intercession. None of the creatures that reach the perfection achieved by the Prophet Muhammad. Since childhood he has shown sincerity and honesty. 

He is a human who in his life has never lied, never betrayed a promise, and loves the poor. Very lucky people who can meet and explore his teachings. We as his followers, even though we don't meet him, must believe in his truth and deserve to make him an example in this life.

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The arrival of the lover

Prophet Muhammad SAW was born on Monday 12 Rabiul Awal at the same time as April 20, 571 AD.

The Prophet Muhammad was born orphaned, his father Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib died when the Prophet Muhammad was still 6 months old in the womb of his mother, Siti Aminah. When he was a toddler, the Prophet Muhammad was taken care of by Halimah sa 'diyah from the Bani Saad, the Hawazin tribe. 

It was in this village of Bani Saad that the Prophet was taken care of and raised until he was 5 years old. When the Prophet Muhammad reached the age of 6 years, his mother died. He was also taken care of by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. His grandfather was a highly respected Quraysh leader. 

Prophet Muhammad saw great love and care from his grandfather. Abdul Muttalib died when the Prophet Muhammad was 8 years old. Next, the Prophet was taken care of by his uncle, Abu Talib until he was a teenager.

Since being taken care of by his uncle, the Prophet Muhammad grew up as a child who arrived at a young age. That's where the Prophet Muhammad was introduced by his uncle how to live life. Prophet Muhammad saw began to look for work as a laborer at the age of only 10 years so that he could support himself. He began to be a herder of other people's livestock in the very hot desert region of Mecca, he ate from wild plants in the desert.

In a desert like that he lived the meaning of life, loneliness and a sense of responsibility made him more mature than his age.

The uncle saw the intelligence and maturity of his nephew, so that at the age of 12, the Prophet Muhammad was introduced to commerce. The Prophet Muhammad, who was still a young boy, also participated in his uncle's economic management. He has also brought merchandise that was taken from his employer, Siti Khadijah. Almost 3 years the Prophet Muhammad followed his uncle to peddle his merchandise.

When their trading caravan reached the city of Basra in the Greater Syria region, a popular priest at that time, Buhairah, came to Abu Talib and said, "I identify this young man as a person who will later be crowned as a blessing to the universe. This is clearly written in our books.” The next Buhairah advised Abu Talib, "Protection of this young man from the Jews, it is better to bring him back to Mecca".

At the age of 25 years, the Prophet Muhammad began to trade on his own without the help of his uncle. He took his own merchandise and marketed it. When trading, the Prophet Muhammad was very honest, never had time to lie to his buyers. The Prophet never took a very big advantage, always polite, friendly, and full of love.

So the success of the Prophet Muhammad's trading business. Caused by this noble person

  1. stand firm
  2. have a high morale
  3. have extraordinary honesty
  4. uphold the trust or belief given by others
  5. able to experience all the trials and obstacles on the way
  6. Equalize service to buyers
  7. have a confident character
  8. show friendliness and courtesy, and affection to anyone.

The honesty, politeness, politeness of dialogue, hard work, and intelligence of the Prophet Muhammad won the hearts of everyone, including Siti Khadijah. First he asked the Prophet Muhammad to market his merchandise to Syria, the results were extraordinary. That's what made Siti Khadijah interested and in the conclusion she married the Prophet Muhammad, they were blessed with 7 children, namely Ibrahim, Qasim, Abdullah, Zainab, Ruqayyah, Ummi Kulsum, and Fatimah.

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