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Imitation of the Noble Attributes of Allah's Apostles

Imitation of the Noble Attributes of Allah's Apostles

How is the Noble Morals of Allah's Apostle ? 

Let's reflect on what would happen if there were no role models or role models in this world. The role model can guide people to worship the creator in the right way. If there are no role models, of course, many problems will arise among mankind. Each group fights with each other to find their own truth, humans will mislead each other, lie to each other, and return to the age of ignorance which is full of stupidity, lies, and falsehood.

If there is no guidance from the apostles, of course the law of the jungle will apply. Those who are strong will win and rule. Many people who left worshiping Allah swt were replaced by worshiping statues for fear of the threat of the rulers at that time. That's when human life is full of error, lies, and falsehood, especially in the fields of aqidah, worship, sharia, muamalah, and morals. Humans will compete to find happiness in the world, regardless of the method used is right or wrong. If we live in such a situation, it's really uncomfortable isn't it?

Let us be grateful to Allah swt who has sent His messengers who are patient and persistent, in upholding the truth with full honesty. Give an example to mankind towards the straight and right path. The apostles show their people that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, even though various challenges and threats are in front of their eyes. Do you know that all the apostles who brought the teachings of the truth at first were always opposed by their people. After receiving a revelation or a message from Allah swt, they then make sure that the message is really from Allah swt. When they heard the invitation from the apostle, some of the people accepted, but also not a few who refused. Those who reject it are usually characters who feel comfortable with their lies and misguidance during this time. They did not want to accept the truth brought by the apostles. They are afraid that the honor, luxury, power, and pleasure that existed so far will be lost. For that they then fight and even hostile to the messenger of Allah swt.

Glory be to Allah who does not want humans to live in misguidance, lies, quarrels, and strife. Therefore He sent His Prophets and Messengers to save human life from the catastrophe of a very fatal life. The prophets and apostles are able to invite their people to the right path so that they will be happy in this world and the hereafter.

Believing in apostles implies believing with all my heart that Allah swt has sent His messengers to convey revelations to His people.

The apostles have a task that Allah has assigned to them. They are chosen people who were deliberately sent by Allah to improve the condition of their people. 

The detailed duties of the apostles are as follows:

  • as the bearer of the true teachings of monotheism, namely to unite Allah swt and rectify the teachings of monotheism which are misguided among his people.
  • as a bearer of good news that the obedient servants of Allah swt will someday get a good reward in heaven.
  • as a warning that humans who disobey, commit crimes, are immoral, and persecute will be rewarded in hell.
  • Fostering human life in order to apply noble character.

Attributes of the Messenger of Allah

The apostles have traits or personalities that will be used as examples or examples for their people, in addition to the mandatory traits that the apostles must possess, there are also impossible traits, and jaiz characteristics.

In detail, these properties are:

1. mandatory nature

There are four obligatory qualities for the apostle, namely:

a. sidiq means telling the truth. Whatever the apostle said was the truth. Nothing went wrong at all.

b. Trust means trustworthy. An apostle can be trusted by his people. The apostles were honest and trustworthy human beings.

c. Tabligh means to convey. An apostle is a human chosen by Allah who conveys the revelations that have been received to his people. The revelations from Allah swt were conveyed by the apostles as they were, neither added nor subtracted in the slightest.

d. Fatah means intelligent. An apostle is a man chosen by Allah who is intelligent, not forgetful, and not senile.

2. Impossible nature

As for the impossible traits for the apostle there are four, namely:

a. kazib means lie

b. betrayal means untrustworthy

c. kitman means to hide.

d. Baladah means stupid.

3. The nature of jaiz

The nature of jaiz for the apostle is aradul basyariyah, which is characterized and behaves like human habits in general, such as eating, drinking, thirsting, hungry, tired, and so on.

It would be wonderful if this understanding and belief could be ingrained and affect the way we live our daily lives.

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