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Live quietly with honesty and trust

Live quietly with honesty and trust

Live quietly with honesty and trust

Muslimcreed - We often see in the midst of society, someone who, when trusted by others, then betrays that trust. When given the trust to be the chairman of the committee, he did not run optimally. When given the trust to manage money, he misused it for other purposes. There are many more untrustworthy behaviors that we often see in society. As a result of this behavior, many parties are harmed.

Let's behave honestly

Honesty is the compatibility of attitudes between words and actual actions. What is said is the truth and what is done is the truth. Honesty is closely related to conscience. The word conscience is something pure and holy. Conscience always invites us to kindness and honesty. However, sometimes we are reluctant to follow our conscience, if we do something that is not in accordance with our conscience, then that is called a lie. When we say something that is not in accordance with reality, that is called a lie. A lie or a lie is the opposite of honest.

Why should we be honest?

Honesty is important, dare to be honest is great. As social beings, we need a harmonious, good and balanced life. So that no one is harmed, wronged, and cheated, we must be honest. So for a better life the key is honesty.

There is a saying that "honesty is expensive". Yes honesty is very expensive, because telling the truth is sometimes very hard. However, in order to be trusted by people, we must be honest. The Messenger of Allah has given us a real example, during the time of ignorance it was very difficult to find honest people. With honesty the Messenger of Allah became a trusted person. He received the title al-Amin (trustworthy) from the Quraysh.

Honesty produces trust, on the other hand lies make others distrust. Honesty makes our hearts calm, while lying makes our hearts anxious.

However, sometimes there are people who do not like honesty, this can happen if that person will be disturbed by our honesty. However, don't be afraid and worried because more people support honesty. Honesty is part of the morals taught by Islam. Honesty should also be the identity of a Muslim. Say that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. Do not mix up the right and the vanity.

The wisdom or benefits of honest behavior are:

  • Gain the trust of others,
  • Get lots of friends, and
  • Get the peace of life because there is no fault to others.

Let's behave trustworthy

Amanah means trustworthy (trustworthy). Amanah also means that the message that is deposited can be conveyed to the person who is entitled to it. The mandate that must be fulfilled by everyone is the rights of Allah swt, such as prayer, zakat, fasting, doing good to others, and others.

Trust is closely related to responsibility, the person who maintains the trust is usually called the person in charge. On the other hand, people who do not keep the trust are called irresponsible people.

Thus, it can be concluded that maintaining trust is important. So from now on we must practice to always be trustworthy or responsible in every way. Start by keeping the trust small. Like being responsible for cleaning, studying or working in earnest, because that is also part of maintaining the trust. Performing prayers is also part of maintaining the trust from Allah swt.

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