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Miracles and extraordinary events

All miracles belong to Allah swt because the miracles given to His apostles are often called the miracles of the apostles.

Miracles and extraordinary events

Muslimcreed - Perhaps you have heard the news of a person who is very sick, according to the calculation of human reason it is impossible for him to recover but in fact he is cured. Others say that the healing is due to the miracle of Allah swt alone.

All miracles belong to Allah swt because the miracles given to His apostles are often called the miracles of the apostles.

According to the language of miracles is something that weakens or defeats according to the term miracle means something extraordinary that happened to the prophet or messenger of Allah swt in order to prove that he is a prophet or messenger of Allah swt that cannot be imitated by anyone

Usually prophets or apostles perform miracles only in times of need, for example to defend themselves or answer the challenges of disbelievers. In the Al-Qur'an and Hadith there is no word miracle. In the Qur'an, the word verse or burhan means clear evidence or explanation.

The kinds of miracles possessed by the apostles

When viewed from its nature, miracles can be divided into two types, namely hisiyah miracles and maknawiyah miracles

1. Hisyiah miracle

Hisyi'ah miracles are miracles that can be seen, heard, felt, and touched. Hisyiah miracles are shown to ordinary people who are not able to use their minds properly, examples of Hisyiah miracles are the stick of the prophet Moses which turned into a snake, the prophet Abraham which did not burn when put into fire or the splitting of the moon in the time of the prophet Muhammad saw.

2. the miracle of the maknawiyah

Meaningful miracles are miracles that cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelled, and touched. An example of this miracle is the Qur'an, which is the greatest miracle of the Prophet Muhammad, the miracle of the meaning of the word can only be understood and known by people of sound mind, virtuous, and soft-hearted who are able to accept the instructions of the Qur'an with pleasure. Here are the miracles of the prophet Ibrahim a.s and the prophet Muhammad saw.

Prophet Ibrahim a.s, Prophet Musa a.s, and Prophet Muhammad saw are three of the apostles who received the title ulul azmi, each of whom faced a formidable enemy in carrying out da'wah. Even so, they remained firm and continued to preach.

The following is a short story of the miracle of Allah swt given to the prophet Ibrahim a.s

Prophet Ibrahim a.s was sent to invite people to obey him and leave the worship of idols. The people who were preached at that time were in the power of the unjust king, namely Namrud

The da'wah of the prophet Ibrahim a.s got a tough challenge from King Namrud and also his own father. Prophet Ibrahim a.s did not flinch in the face of the threat of king namrud, king namrud ordered his people to burn prophet Ibrahim a.s the order was immediately carried out. He collected firewood and put it in a big hole, then Prophet Ibrahim (as) was tied up and placed on a large manikin or lantern. Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said that when the Prophet Ibrahim (as) was about to be thrown into the middle of the fire, the angel Gabriel came. At that time there was a brief question and answer between the angel Gabriel and the prophet Ibrahim. 

The angel Jibil asked, "Is there something you want, Prophet Ibrahim a.s. replied: If you don't have something I want, Gabriel said: Ask your Lord, then Prophet Ibrahim closed the conversation by saying: For me, Allah swt's knowledge is sufficient with my situation.

Moments later the prophet Ibrahim was thrown with a maniac into the midst of the fire. After the prophet Ibrahim a.s was completely thrown into the midst of the fire, the king of namrud and his disbelieving people rejoiced because they believed that the prophet Ibrahim a.s had been scorched. When Allah swt said the following:

With the permission of Allah swt the blazing fire could not burn Prophet Ibrahim a.s even he did not feel hot. King Namrud and his dignitaries who witnessed the burning of Prophet Ibrahim were astonished. When the fire was extinguished, Abraham was seen praying. Finally, at that time King Namrud ordered the burning to be stopped and Prophet Ibrahim (as) was released

After the prophet Ibrahim was released, he said, "In my experience, there are no days full of pleasure more than what I felt while in the fire".

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