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Surah Maryam verse 71 is intended for everyone including Muslims or only non-Muslims


Surah Maryam verse 71 is intended for everyone including Muslims or only non-Muslims

Surah Maryam verse 71 is intended for everyone including Muslims or only non-Muslims, there was someone who asked that question, then we tried to answer as best we could, and this is a story about how a Muslim asked this.


Assalamualaikumwabarakatuh, please ask permission to ask ustad regarding the verse in the Al-Quran Surah Maryam verse 71 is intended for everyone including Muslims or only non-Muslims, please explain.


Actually Allah gives more glory than what you think, Allah takes care of you, gives Hidayah, and Taufik to us, with the best care,


Regarding the question above that this verse is often used as the most favorite claim, especially by orientalists, as well as missionaries, they use and disseminate it to give the impression that Islam does not provide anything, does not provide benefits, because later it will be useless to convert to Islam, because there are one verse in the Koran, namely the Koran chapter 19, namely Surah Maryam verse 71 which explains that everything will definitely go to hell, so no one will be saved and need a savior, this kind of picture is an important picture for us to straighten.


But we do understand, because most of those who skim this verse, do not understand the Koran. they do not read well, do not understand the contents of the Koran. That's why we teach them to want to learn.


The 19th verse of the Quran, Maryam verse 71, is combined with the previous verses, namely verse 70, verse 69, verse 68, and even verse 67.


It is important for me to convey my friends, that there is a way to read the Koran, and for those who study interpretation there is a formula for interpretation.


the formula is, the verse we are reading, namely the Quran Surah Maryam sura 71, then see if the previous verse has a correlation or not? Is this verse an integral part of the previous verse, or does it stand alone, which means only one verse.


Then look at the next verse, namely verse 72, then onwards to Anas, even from 71 whether there is a connection with the verse 70, and so on until al-Fatihah


Friends, let's look at verse 67 68 69 70 to 71, even verse 70 we can check in it, and this is a series of verses that are telling stories of people who really disobeyed Allah in the life of this world.


Even in verse 69, Allah explicitly says that these groups who are strict or disbelievers, when in the world are always harsh and disobedient to Allah, violate the commands of Allah subhanahuwata'ala.


remember that Allah has spoken a very beautiful word, which is very extraordinary in this verse. precisely before reaching verse 71, Allah said in verse 69 there is the word ar-rahman,


Ar Rahman is the limitless nature of Allah, given to every servant, throughout his life, as long as he has time in this world.


God's nature is still general and universal, God's grace is given to every servant, has breath, has sustenance that God has determined, has the opportunity to recover when sick, if you work you can be rich, if you study you can be smart,


Including those Muslims who approach, and increase goodness and cover the whole,


Then there is ar-rahim, which is given by Allah in final shades to his servants who are pious and believe, willing to increase their righteous deeds, Allah's grace with the final character of bringing those servants to heaven.


Rahman Allah while in the world, is given to all people who are close to Allah, including giving repentance for servants who want to repent and guidance for His servants who want to return to Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala.


That was the discussion about the 19th verse of Mary, and please look at the previous verse or the verse after it so as not to misinterpret, thank you, hopefully it will be useful, see you.

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