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With science everything becomes easy

With science everything becomes easy

With science everything becomes easy

It used to be unimaginable that humans could get to the moon. But nowadays we can hear the news of humans going to the moon. Have you ever read the history of colombus, someone who once roamed this round earth?

Allah swt says in Q.S ar-Rahman verse 33

When associated with the words of Allah swt above, you will not be able to penetrate the heavens and the earth, except with the power of Allah swt. What are the strengths and advantages of the word of Allah swt? Of course the power that can penetrate heaven and earth is the power of reason. Intellect functions to study and discover knowledge. Science can create sophisticated equipment. Finally, humans with their knowledge and works can penetrate the corners of heaven and earth. Isn't it easy with science? Prove it.

Do you know who has that knowledge? Allah swt has knowledge. Allah is called al-Alim which means all-knowing (all-knowing). Allah's knowledge is very broad without limits, some are given to us in writing and some are not written. What is written is the book of Allah and what is not written is the universe and its contents which are referred to as the verses of the Kauniyah. In addition to learning about the universe, we must also study the written knowledge of Allah, namely the Qur'an.

The content of QS ar-Rahman verse 33 is very suitable for you to study because this verse explains the importance of science for human life, with science humans can know celestial objects, with science humans can explore the sky, with human knowledge can penetrate barriers that have not been revealed so far. Great isn't it? Humans are given the potential by Allah swt in the form of reason. This mind must be honed and empowered by learning and working. By learning, humans can gain new knowledge and insights. With science, humans can work for a better life.

Allah swt also said in Q.S al-Mujlah verse 11

The word of Allah swt above, explains the virtues of people who believe and have knowledge. If Q.s ar-Rahman verse 33 explains the importance of knowledge, then this verse emphasizes that people who believe and have knowledge will be ranked by Allah swt.

Why people who have knowledge and faith will be elevated in rank? Of course, people who have faith and have extensive knowledge will be respected by others, given the trust to control or manage whatever happens in this life. This means that the level of people who believe and have knowledge is higher than people who are not knowledgeable.

This verse also explains about being spacious when you study in an assembly (a place to seek knowledge). That is, if we are in a place to study, be it in class, mosque, majlis taklim, and so on, we must give other people the opportunity to both get a proper seat.

But keep in mind that people who believe, but do not have knowledge he will be weak. Therefore, someone's faith that is not based on science will not be strong. Vice versa, people who have knowledge but do not believe will go astray. Because the knowledge possessed may not be for the good of others.

Before you apply the behavior of enjoying learning as an implementation of Q.S ar-Rahman verse 33 and Q.S Mujdalam verse 11, you must first get used to reading the Qur'an every day, both related to science and others.

Commendable attitudes and behaviors that can be applied as appreciation and practice of Q.S ar-Rahman verse 33 are as follows:

  1. likes to read books of knowledge as a form of love for science.
  2. Always find out about the universe, both in the heavens and the earth by continuing to study it.
  3. Believe that this universe was created by Allah swt for humans, therefore humans must feel thirsty to continue to explore knowledge.
  4. Be humble for the success he has achieved and not be humble and ashamed of the failures he has experienced.

Commendable attitudes and behaviors that can be applied as appreciation and practice of Q.S al-Mujlah verse 11 are as follows:

  1. Have a high curiosity and try to get that knowledge
  2. Be polite when studying and always appreciate and respect the teacher.
  3. Likes to go to the teacher to ask for an explanation about science.
  4. Always balance the knowledge he has with his belief in the power of Allah swt.

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