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Benefits and procedures for giving charity

Benefits and procedures for giving charity

Muslimcreed - Since childhood you are taught to share with others, especially to those in need. The concept of sharing in Islam is known as alms. The concept of alms was also taught for thousands of years by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Benefits and procedures for giving charity

Quoted from the website of the MuhammadiyahAmil Zakat and Alms Organization or Lazismu, there are 20 benefits of alms based on guidance from the Qur'an and Hadith.

1. Charity erases mistakes and ward off the pain of death

One of the hopes of Muslims is to get a death that is khusnulkhatimah. One way to get it is by giving charity. Prophet Muhammad SAW guided his servants to multiply and routinely practice alms.

2. Giving charity opens the door of sustenance

One way to open sustenance is to share. The more you share, the more people will love you.

3. Charity makes sustenance multiplied

With a lot of charity, Allah SWT will multiply your wealth from any direction, which is never unexpected.

4. Giving charity keeps away from the heat of hell fire

One way to avoid the pain of the punishment of hell is to give charity. So the more you give in charity, the further your body will be kept away from the flames of hell on the Day of Resurrection.

5. Charity is a protector on the Day of Judgment

On the Day of Judgment, humanity can only protect itself, regardless of the situation around it. Therefore, the deeds of worship during life in the world are the shields or protectors. One of them is by giving charity.

6. Giving charity avoids all kinds of physical and spiritual diseases

One of the drugs for both spiritual and physical is to give charity.

7. Giving charity avoids various kinds of heart disease

8. Allah SWT prevents various disasters and calamities

Other benefits of alms, can reject various forms of calamity for anyone, even if they are from the wrongdoers, even infidels.

9. Achieve kindness with lots of alms

10. Alms is the cause of humans being prayed for by angels

11. People who like to give charity will get the blessing of their soul and wealth.

Allah widens and narrows sustenance for whom He wills (Surah Saba 34:39). In fact, if it is given in charity, it will not decrease because Allah will replace it.

12. The real treasure is the treasure that is donated

13. The reward of giving charity will be multiplied by Allah SWT

14. Allah opens the door of heaven for people who like to give charity

15. Sedekan calms the heart and provides comfort.

16. Charity erases sins that have been committed in the past

17. It is allowed to envy people who like to donate and give alms

18. Giving up wealth and soul for Religion and others

19. Purify your heart and soul with alms

20. Giving charity to widows and the poor, like night prayers and fasting without breaking

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How to give charity

After understanding the benefits of giving alms, then discussing the procedures for giving alms quoted from the philanthropic 

How to give alms to parents

Parents do not only mean biological parents but also people who are elderly. Before giving charity, you can pay attention to the life of that person first. Are there any shortcomings, and what can be helped? Alms to parents is quite young, and it is a form of a child's sense of devotion to parents.

That's what you need to remember, don't let you give alms to various mosques, but for your own parents, forget it. Alms is not just material, you can give alms just by giving a sincere smile, good body language, and etiquette or manners are also part of alms.

Sometimes, parents don't always look for material from their children. Parents much more need a sincere smile, good body language, manners, gentle speech, attention, listeners and pleasant storytelling friends from children.

Even though parents never ask, it is the obligation of a child to give to parents, according to their material abilities.

- How to give alms to orphans

Orphans can be the next target of alms. Charity in this group has a tremendous impact. For example, an orphan who cannot go to school is then helped to get an education.

There are orphans who will be affected by this plan. Simple, not only with a book, but there you can also build a chain of goodness.

- How to give charity while on the go

The next group is people who are traveling. Those without a family can depend on Allah SWT and become a group who fully trust Allah's help.

God's help to others, can be given through your intermediary. By delaying almsgiving, there is the potential for you to withhold the rights of others, thereby hindering one's gratitude and belief in Allah's help. You never know when that time will come, it could be when you have to travel.

- Giving charity in the month of Ramadan

Because of the glory of time, Among the reasons a person's deeds of worship are multiplied is because of the glory of doing it.

In addition, the benefits of alms can also help people get closer to Allah SWT.

Imagine how much reward those who give charity during Ramadan. In addition to earning rewards, you will sometimes find recipients of alms sharing their prayers.

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