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Heart disease that we should avoid according to Islam

Heart disease that we should avoid

Muslimcreed - The seeds of ugliness are hasud (envy), riya (charity for humans), and Ujub (considering oneself great). So we must seriously cleanse our hearts of these qualities.

This was conveyed by KH. SubhanMakmun in the explanation of the BidayatulHidayah Book during the Ramadan recitation at the Assalafiyah Islamic Boarding School Luwungragi, Bulakamba District, Brebes Regency, Monday (18/05/2020).

Regarding Hasud, Riya, Ujub, TakaburKyaisubhan explained, Hasud is a branch of ash-syukh (very stingy), because a stingy person is stingy with what he has towards other people, while Asysyakhih is a stingy person with Allah's favor who is in the power of Allah not in his power over others.

That is, Hasud is a person who feels heavy when another person gets a favor from Allah in the form of knowledge or wealth or is loved by many people or other good parts so that he feels happy to release the favor from that person even though he will not get anything from the loss of the favor.

Al-Jurjani explained that people who have the disease of envy are people who always expect the loss of favors from someone who is given favors or advantages by Allah SWT. This disease of envy is a disease that can be said to be the ugliest. Why is that? Al-Muhasibi explains in his book al-Ri'ayah, that the disease of envy or envy is divided into two parts, namely envy that is unlawful and envy that is not unlawful. Illegal envy is envy that cannot be done by humans because its nature is like fire which will destroy all the firewood in front of it. And the envy that is not unlawful is the envy that has been written in the Qur'an, namely al-Munafasah.

When viewed from the source, hasud disease comes from various sources. Among them, there are those that come from arrogance, there are those from ujub, from enmity, from riya', from one's love for position. This disease of lust must be abolished because lustful people will reject all kinds of advice from people. Al-Hafidz Ibn Hibban stated that the duty of a reasonable person is to stay away from envy in all circumstances. Because the lowest temperament of people who are affected by the disease of envy or hasad is that he is not happy with the provisions of Allah SWT. So with that nature, a passionate person has followed the nature of the devil and the disbeliever. Like their happiness when they see the blessings that exist in the believers are lost, and their dislike for the believers who are given favors by Allah SWT.

 And with that nature too, then the passionate person has opposed the qadha of Allah which has been determined for each of His servants. After all that, a servant will know how dangerous this hasud disease is, moreover, it does not bring any benefit in this world, or in the hereafter. Because the envy of a passionate person will not take away the favors that Allah has bestowed on the person who is passionate about it, and even if the favors of the person with lust are lost, it will not pass to the person who is passionate.

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Hasud moves five things:

First, the destruction of the spirit of obedience to Allah swt.Second, doing immorality and ugliness.Third, feeling tired and getting into trouble.Fourth, blind conscience. The fifth is Blocked and will not get what he hopes for.

Riya includes Shirk Khofi,riya is looking for a high place in the hearts of humans in order to get rank and majesty. Love of rank is according to lust and most people are corrupted by this, people who have a lot of knowledge, do a lot of worship and what awakens it is so that people can see it so that it can melt charity.

There are people who are eager to worship, and continue to expect that zakat is part of riya, including for example sharing the practice by giving wirid, then they are asked for a dowry, as if it is a powerful practice, pay the dowry, that is also part of riya, including them. Hajj is not called Hajj and then becomes irritated or irritated. If you don't shake hands, then read the Qur'an with the aim of getting something, that is also part of Riya, so it depends on one's sincerity.

Sincerity is not just a word of mouth, but those who do real actions or deeds and don't want to get something in return. Sincerely the most difficult.

Riya is of many kinds and is collected in five kinds, namely:

First, Riya in religion with a body such as a skinny body, so that it is said that people fast or eat little, or her body looks sluggish yellow so that people can see that she spends a lot of time praying at night, or her body is chaotic so that it seems that she has a lot of trouble thinking about religion.

Second, Riya in behavior and clothes such as bowing her head when walking, slow in moving, showing signs of prostration, wearing patchy clothes, wearing dirty clothes.

Third, Riya with words such as saying words of wisdom, lots of dhikr in front of humans, amaram'rufnahimunkar in front of humans, showing anger towards munkar in front of humans, and showing anxiety towards people who are immoral, showing a weak voice when talk, read the Koran with a moaning voice in front of people to look afraid of Allah, and sad.

Fourth, Riya with actions such as when praying for a long time in standing, bowing and prostration, not looking back and showing a calm appearance, perfecting both feet and hands as well as fasting, Hajj, almsgiving and giving food.

Fifth, Riya to friends, visitors, group friends such as visiting natural people, worship experts or rulers or kings and subordinates or sultan workers so that it is said that he is taking blessings from them because he has a high degree in religion, and many tell the sheikhs to it is considered that he met many sheikhs and took knowledge from them and made them proud.

Regarding Ujub, being arrogant and feeling right.

Ujub, pride, and feeling that he is big is a difficult disease, that is to see himself as big and majestic while looking at other people with low and contemptible eyes, and the form of the fruit is to say I am... I am as the devil says I am better than Adam , I was created from fire and he from earth.

Even though the heart feels qualified and other people are despised, it has entered the category of ujub, so it is reluctant to sit with poor people, feels that they are rich, then when this poor person is made pilgrimage, then feels like a great person or influential and then arbitrarily scolds him.

An arrogant person is a person who if he is advised to reject it, if he gives advice then speaks loudly and if something is not in accordance with him then gets angry, if he teaches knowledge then he does not love his students, humiliates him, yells at him, looks at people like a donkey, thinks he is stupid and despicable.

In the discussion, if someone's opinion is not accepted, it means that the person has a ujub nature, usually the kyai and the santri then the kyai's opinion is considered to be all correct, the students just have to carry it out, this is part of the ujub, the meat is discussed and an alternative is given and then it is discussed by consensus. Included in BahtsulMasail sometimes it can happen, you feel smart and don't worry about your opinion, then get angry, this can damage your practice.


Wherever you want to be flattered, it's part of the heart disease, if you look at someone because of wealth, rank, degree, it's part of being arrogant. It is not necessarily that those who ride bicycles in front of humans are considered ugly, in fact it is better in front of Allah SWT, because they do not commit many immoralities or bad deeds.

Those who are safe, get rid of heart disease and don't be arrogant and don't look at someone lightly, they see that a small child is never sinful, so adults also respect small children because they are better than me who is an adult because they have committed immorality. Don't look at the person as stupid, and feel that you are smart and strong and then don't know what to do that doesn't respect them.

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