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Muslimcreed - In Islam there are provisions for the acceptance of one's fast by Allah swt.

How do we make our fasting accepted by Allah swt?  Below we will convey the conditions for acceptance of fasting by God. This article about fasting we got from the books of the previous Salaf scholars who were very famous. please read and if there is a mistake please leave a wise comment


There are 4 conditions for valid fasting:

1. Islam

So fasting is invalid for unbelievers and true apostates.

2. Makes sense

So fasting is not valid for crazy people and small children.

3. Purity from menstruation, childbirth and wiladah (birth)

4. Knowing the time allowed to fast.

So fasting is not valid for people who do not know that it is time to fast. The times that do not accept fasting are Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, as well as tasyrik days, namely the 11th, 12th and 13th of the month of Dzulhijjah.

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There are 5 obligatory conditions for fasting:

1. Islam

Even though Islam has passed away like apostasy, fasting is obligatory.

2. Already taklif

Taklif means that he is old enough and has sense, so it is not obligatory to fast for small children and crazy people or people who are unconscious due to epilepsy.

3. Able

So it is not obligatory to fast for people who are unable because they are old or because of a very severe disease that allows tayammum.

4. Healthy

So fasting is not obligatory for people who are seriously ill who allow tayammum, while for minor illnesses, sahum is obligatory.

5. Muqim

So it is permissible to break fast (not fasting) for people who are on a long journey (nyabaan), namely two marhalah (distance of approximately 119.9 KM). If fasting on a long journey makes it madhorot then breaking fast is more afdhol, but if it is not madhorot then it is more afdhol to continue fasting.

So that is the condition that we must do so that our fasting worship can be accepted by Allah swt and we can also calmly carry out the fasting worship if our fasting worship has fulfilled the conditions. I hope this article can be useful especially for writers in general for all of us who read it. Amieen

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