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Namimah, the despicable character we must avoid


Namimah, the despicable character we must avoid
Ilustration of namimah

Muslimcreed - If you often attend recitals, you may have heard the words namimah. What does namimah mean?

Namimah is behavior that is not liked by Allah SWT. The reason is, namimah which means fighting sheep is included in a major sin that can harm the perpetrator.

Many people are not aware of doing these actions and think it is not a big sin. In fact, namimah is said to be an act that causes damage to human relations.

Namimah means to play against each other, which is to tell someone's attitude or action (which is not necessarily true) to another person with the intention of causing a dispute between the two. It could be that the story conveyed is backwards (when meeting A, telling B, but when meeting B, telling A), it is certain that such an act is very despicable, both in terms of religion and the views of fellow human beings.

Usually those who do a lot of Namimah's actions or pitting against each other are women or mothers.

Because according to Ustadz Abu Homairoh, women or mothers are very susceptible to Namimah's actions or pitting against each other, usually mothers like to get together or in this day and age it is called a gathering.

So Ustadz Abu Humairoh suggested that you immediately leave the gathering place if you start to have signs of Namimah or talk about other people's bad things.

And they should move to a gathering place for recitations at the Talim assembly to make it more useful, he said.

Because usually it is from the gathering that the nature of Namimah or pitting someone against someone will start, starting from talking about other people and even talking about other people's bad things.

Even though this will not harm the other person he is talking about, but will harm himself because a great sin will arise in him.

Even Ustadz Abu Humairoh mentions in his lectures people who like to do Namimah or pitting against other people then later in hell their tongue will be like hell and burned in it.

Because indeed the impact of people who like to play against other people or backbite them will have a very negative impact, even though Namimah's actions are very cruel from witchcraft.

Ustadz Abu Humairoh mentioned why the sin of pitting someone against one another could be more cruel than practicing witchcraft.

Because according to him, with someone playing against each other, it can cause divisions between relatives or close relatives whose bad things are discussed.

The forms of namimah

In accordance with the above understanding, namimah is only in the form of words or stories, whether done by one person or another. Namimah can start from jealousy because she sees someone (who is slandered) getting pleasure or profit. Because of the magnitude of envy, then look for a way that vilifies him to others. Namimah is closely related to slander. Usually, people who like to slander also like to play against each other.

The bad consequences of namimah

Like other mazmumah morals, namimah is bad for social life. The bad consequences of namimah include the following.

1. For the culprit himself

  • Feeling uneasy because of the fear that his crime will be exposed.
  • Threatened not going to heaven

2. For others

  • The emergence of hatred between the two sides who are pitted against each other
  • The breakdown of brotherly relations between the two parties who are pitted against each other
  • The occurrence of disputes between the two parties if each is not able to rely on him.
  • Damage to social life if both parties look for supporters
  • The chaos of society so that it can not live in peace

The evil that caused Namimah

As an act of sin, namimah can cause various kinds of evil for the people, including:

  • Acts whose perpetrators are reproached by Allah SWT
  • Getting the threat of grave torment
  • Getting the threat of not entering heaven

Namimah ban

Islam strictly prohibits its people from doing namimah. When hearing a news, should be careful, not too easy to believe.

The prohibition of namimah is stated in the word of Allah swt Q.S al-Hujurat verse 6

It often happens that someone has done something less than commendable because of the news someone received. After being investigated, the news received was fake news. In the end, the person regretted his actions.

In Q.S al-Hujurat verse 6 we are instructed not to easily believe a news that is not yet clear. We are obliged to tabayun (looking for clarity) to the truth of the news.

Behavior to avoid namimah

Every Muslim and Muslimat is obliged to avoid namimah. As for how to avoid namimah, among others, the following.

  • Not too easy to accept a news if the truth is not clear.
  • Holding tabayun (looking for clarity) when hearing news from someone. Especially people who have no clear personality.
  • Trying to stop or divert a conversation that tends to vilify someone.

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