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Praiseworthy morals are tawaduk and tasamuh

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Tawaduk and Tasamuh

Muslimcreed - Tawaduk is one of the good morals that every Muslim and Muslimat should have. Tawaduk needs to be accustomed from an early age so that after adulthood it becomes a character.

Reporting from NU Online, tawadhu is human behavior that has a humble character, is not arrogant, or humbles oneself so as not to look arrogant. Tawadhu is not just a mere etiquette, but this behavior has a meaning far ahead of politeness, namely an inner attitude that is manifested in outward practice in a natural and wise manner.

Tawaduk means humility. People who are humble are people who humble themselves in association, do not show their abilities. The opposite of tawaduk is arrogant. The attitude of tawaduk is favored in the association so that it creates a sense of sympathy from other parties. For the perpetrator himself, the attitude of tawaduk will not reduce or even raise his dignity. On the other hand, arrogant attitude is not liked in society, people who are arrogant want themselves to be respected by others. This hope will not be achieved, on the contrary, the opposite will happen, namely eliminating the sympathy of the other party.

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Order to be humble

The attitude of tawaduk is very important in the association of fellow human beings, Islam provides guidance for its people to have a tawaduk attitude, and stay away from arrogant attitudes towards anyone. Allah swt says in Q.S al-Isra verse 24 which instructs us to be obedient to parents on the basis of affection. Other than that, we should pray for both parents to always be blessed by Allah swt. In another verse, Allah swt also said in Q.S as-Shura verse 215 which ordered the Messenger of Allah to be humble to his people. Even so, the command also applies to Muslims. The Messenger of Allah as the leader of the people is required to be humble to his people. Therefore every Muslim should try to always be humble to anyone, especially in terms of speaking.

Raising the voice when speaking is a way that is not commendable (unless necessary). Allah swt states that the worst sound is the voice of himar or a donkey. (Q.S Luqman verse 19). This statement is a harsh satire to people who like to speak loudly, when in fact even a soft voice is enough to be heard. Raising your voice when you don't need it is like donkey behavior.

Forms of tawaduk behavior

The tawaduk attitude that a person has can be seen from the perpetrators of everyday life. The forms of tawaduk behavior include the following.

  • respect for people who are older or smarter than himself.
  • affection for the younger or lesser position.
  • respect the opinions and conversations of others.
  • Willing to give up in the public interest.
  • Polite in speaking to anyone.
  • do not like to be praised by others for the goodness or success achieved.
  • The positive impact of tawaduk behavior

The positive impact of tawaduk means the good result of tawaduk attitude. The positive impacts of tawaduk attitude include the following.

  • Cause sympathy in others so like to hang out with him
  • Will be respected sincerely by other parties according to the instinct of every human being to be respected and respected
  • Strengthen the brotherly relationship between himself and others.
  • Elevate himself in the sight of Allah swt and fellow human beings.

Get used to behaving humble

To be able to have a humble attitude in the association, it is necessary to pay attention to the following things.

  • Fully aware that every human being has different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Try to control yourself so as not to reveal your strengths to others.
  • Train yourself to be able to appreciate the abilities of others, not underestimate them.

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