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The firmness of faith of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq's friend

The firmness of faith of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq's friend

Muslimcreed - In the early days of the sending of the Prophet Muhammad, he preached Islam in the city of Mecca in secret, for reasons of safety, the Muslims at that time also hid their Islam. Until when the number of Muslims had reached thirty-eight people, Abu Bakr urged the Messenger of Allah to preach Islam openly. Even though the apostle had warned that the number of Muslims was still small, Abu Bakr and other companions continued to urge the Messenger of Allah, so he ordered them to leave the mosque to preach Islam openly.

In the mosque, they are scattered in the corners of the mosque, everyone is in their respective tribes, standing ashes in front of people while preaching. He was the first to preach calling people to Allah swt. When the polytheists heard Abu Bakr r.a reproach their gods and blame their religion, they were angry with Abu Bakr and the Muslims. They beat the Muslims in the corners of the mosque, while Abu Bakr was preaching religion jahr (openly). A group of polytheists surrounded and beat Abu Bakr r.a until he fell to the floor, while his age at that time was approaching 50 years. One of the wicked among them, namely Utbah bin Rabiah, approached the burnt ash and then stepped on the stomach and chest and hit the face of the ash-baked r.a with his two oaks until the skin on the burnt ash face was torn and bleeding so that he fell unconscious.

At that time, the Banu Taim (the tribe of Abu Bakr) came to defend him and tried to dispel the polytheists. They carried the burnt ashes with a piece of cloth, they strongly suspected that he had died. After arriving at his house he was laid down, his father and some of his people sat beside his head. They spoke to him but he could not speak at all. In the afternoon, the burning ash began to wake up and opened his eyes. The first words that appeared on his tongue was how is the condition of the Messenger of Allah? Hearing the question his father got angry and reproached him and left. Then his mother sat at the side of his head to feed and drink, while he repeated the questions. How is the condition of the Messenger of Allah? His mother replied, by Allah, I did not know anything about your friend.

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Abu Bakr said, go to Ummu Jamil bin Khattab, ask him about the Messenger of Allah.

Umm Jamil is a Muslim woman who hides her Islam. His mother came out to meet Ummu Jamil he said to Ummu Jamil. My son Abu Bakr asked you about Muhammad bin Abdullah, Ummu Jamil was worried if they knew about Islam, then he said I don't know who Abu Bakr is and who Muhammad is, but if you want I will go with you to meet your son. .

Abu Bakar's mother replied, yes, okay

Finally they went together to the house of the burnt ash, after arriving at his house Ummu Jamil entered, he saw the body of the burnt ash whose face was torn and bleeding, he cried and said, by Allah the people who do this to you are truly a wicked people and infidel. I really hope that Allah swt will repay them for their actions.

Abu Bakr turned to him very heavily and could hardly turn his head, he said, Ummu Jamil, how is the condition of the Messenger of Allah?

Umm Jamil looked at Abu Bakr's mother, who had not yet converted to Islam, she was worried that the woman would leak the secrets of the Muslims to the disbelievers. Umm Jamil said to Abu Bakar, while your mother is here listening? Abu Bakr said you don't have to worry about him. Abu Bakr answered the question, the Messenger of Allah was safe and fine.

Where is he now? burn ash

At Abul Arqam's house, answered Ummu Jamil.

After that his mother said, you have learned the news of your friend, now eat and drink. Abu Bakr replied. No.. I swear in the name of Allah that I will not eat and drink until I come to the Messenger of Allah and see it with my eyes

The two of them held the burning ashes until the night when people had already started to sleep. At night, trying to get up, but unable to. Abu Bakr came out with the support of his mother and Ummu Jamil to meet the Messenger of Allah. 

When the Prophet saw him he immediately hugged and kissed him. Likewise the Muslims they all embraced him. The Messenger of Allah (saw) was very compassionate and compassionate towards him. Then Abu Bakr asked the Messenger of Allah to pray for his mother and invite her to Islam. And the apostle prayed for him and invited him to the path of Allah, so his mother converted to Islam.

Look at this solid mountain, Abu Bakr (r.a.) notice how passionate he is in preaching to Allah swt. It is amazing how strong he is on this religion.

Be you a brave hero. Like solid mountains. Allah swt will help you and straighten your steps.

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