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Types and dangers of eating and drinking haram for Islamic law


Types and dangers of eating and drinking haram for Islamic law

Muslimcreed - Eating and drinking haram in Islam is really scrutinized. Generally, these forbidden foods and drinks will have an adverse effect on the body if you consume it. Moreover, there are many that cause you to get sick.

Haram food

  • All foods that are immediately declared haram by Islamic law. In Q. S al-maidah verse 3 it is stated that haram food is carrion, blood, pork, meat from animals slaughtered in the name of not only Allah swt, animals that die due to strangulation, beating, falling, gore by other animals, torn by wild animals, and animals slaughtered for idols.
  • All types of food that cause harm or danger to the health of the body, soul, ideas, morals, and aqidah.
  • all types of dirty and disgusting food
  • food obtained by vanity.

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The following is a description of the types of food that are forbidden by Islamic law


In sura Al-Maidah verse 3, pork is listed as one of the forbidden foods. Not only the meat is forbidden, but all parts of the pork body that are processed either in the form of food or other products are forbidden to be eaten and used.

Animals slaughtered in the name of not only Allah swt

In some verses of the Qur'an such as the Message of Al-Maidah verse 3 and the Message of Al-Baqarah verse 173 it has been stated that animals slaughtered in the name of not only Allah are unlawful.

However, Islam provides an exception for 2 carcasses, namely fish and grasshoppers, where the carcasses of the two animals are lawful

Logically, it is clear that animals are one of God's creatures that are intended for humans to fulfill their needs. One of them is as a consuming material.

Al-Jalalah (animal that eats feces)

What is meant by al-jalallah is all types of animals, both 2-legged and 4-legged, whose food is excrement, be it human waste or other animal waste.

There is also an alibi why Al-Allah is forbidden, which is because of the influence of the feces eaten by these animals on the change in the smell and taste of the meat and milk produced from these animals. However, if the effect of the excrement has disappeared, then the law on eating the animals becomes lawful.

  • Flowing blood
  • Animals ordered by religion to be killed
  • Animals that are forbidden by religion to be killed
  • Fanged animal

Animals with fangs are also listed in haram foods and drinks. Although it is not categorized as a wild animal, however, rats are classified as a disgusting animal type, so it is forbidden to eat them, on the other hand other fanged animals that are not listed in the wild fauna species such as rabbits or squirrels are allowed to be eaten.

Birds with Sharp Toenails

Illegal drink

Liquor or Khamr

Liquor or khamr is also included in forbidden food and drinks. Liquor which is defined in this type of drink is a drink that has alcohol and is forbidden in Islam all intoxicating drinks.

Drinks Drink in Gold Vessels

Muslims are prohibited from drinking drinks that are placed in golden vessels because this is a form of exaggeration and the attitude of unbelievers.

drinks that come from unclean goods or goods that are infected with unclean things.

Drinks obtained by the vanity method (not halal).

The unfavorable consequences of eating and drinking haram

Consumption of food and drink that is forbidden will have bad effects for oneself, others, residents, and the environment. Among the unfavorable consequences are:

  • Their deeds of worship will not be accepted and their prayers will not be granted by Allah swt
  • Haram foods and drinks can disturb the soul, especially liquor (khamr).

The consequences of drinking khamr are not good, including the following.

  • Causes various psychological diseases (psychological problems), such as memory problems, mental problems, failure of thought energy.
  • creates a very heavy mental, emotional and social burden,
  • raises the burden of ongoing suffering and the destruction of the future
  • Eating and drinking haram can disturb the health of the body
  • limit the remembrance of Allah swt.

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