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Ways and benefits of having a forgiving attitude

Ways and benefits of having a forgiving attitude

Ways and benefits of having a forgiving attitude

Muslimcreed - Humans are destined to live as social beings. In living life, every human being needs other people. This is so that they can socialize, coexist, and complement each other.

In social activities, various social frictions and misunderstandings inevitably occur. Differences in character, character, attitude, and perspective are often one of the causes.

However, at a time when friction is unavoidable, Islam teaches us to be more self-sufficient. This attitude should also be practiced even if mistakes arise from other parties. Yes, we are encouraged to be forgiving people.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can forgive easily. Some even say that apologizing is easy, but what is difficult is forgiveness. Hence, this forgiving nature only exists in people who are big-hearted, have high patience and are good at controlling emotions.

Allah promises forgiveness and paradise for forgiving people and classifies them as pious. It is mentioned in a word of Allah, QS Al-Imran: 133-134

And, Rasulullah SAW gave an example as a forgiving human being. In a story it is mentioned, he forgave a polytheist who always watered him with dirt every time he went to the mosque. Not only forgiving, the Prophet SAW even visited him when he lay sick and weak helpless.

That is the noble teaching of Islam that has been exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad. Forgiveness requires not only an open heart, but also a high level of patience. Hopefully we can imitate the attitude of Rasulullah SAW in our daily lives. Amen.

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To find out whether you are a forgiving person or not, you can see it from the following signs.

1. Always remember positive things

No matter how badly someone hurts you, you always remember the good things they have done to you or the positive things that person has. So, you always have a reason to forgive others, even if the mistake was very big.

2. It's easy to forget other people's mistakes

You don't let past bitter experiences get in the way of your current or future relationship with someone. You are mature enough to understand that everyone has their own burdens and understand that everyone can make mistakes. Even if you meet someone who has wronged you, you will remain relaxed and show a warm attitude.

3. Don't like revenge

If you are forgiving, you realize that you have no control over other people's behavior and have no right to punish them for their actions. On the contrary, instead of spending your energy getting angry at someone, you will prefer to model how to behave well so that someone will emulate it from you.

4. You like peace

Instead of resolving issues with conflict and debate, you tend to want things to be resolved amicably. Forgiving people really don't like fuss, which can lead to strained relationships.

5. Smart in controlling emotions

Good emotional intelligence, in line with your growing mindset. You always think before you act. Like when someone makes you angry, you are not easily provoked. Because when you're angry, it's hard to be rational. You also don't like bringing up other people's mistakes afterward.

Forgiving people doesn't mean they can't be angry, sad, disappointed or that life will always be fine. However, to find peace in his life, he prefers to be patient and succumb to dealing with other people.

Forgiveness is not an easy matter, especially if mistakes are repeated. We may be angry, resentful, or even hold a grudge. But, did you know that in Islam, Allah SWT loves good deeds, one of which is forgiveness?

If you still hold a grudge in your heart, you really have to read this article, right! The spirit of forgiving all the mistakes of others, come on!

Imitate the nature of the Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad SAW is a human figure who can not be doubted his gentleness. His figure is a role model, always relevant to be imitated at any time. One thing we should emulate is his forgiving nature.

Glorified by Allah SWT

We may be very disappointed in someone, but forgiving will certainly calm the soul, moreover, Allah will honor humans who are willing to forgive other people's mistakes.

Get help from Allah SWT

Who doesn't want to get help from Allah? Of course not. All Muslims in the world would expect it. One of the actions that bring help from Allah is forgiveness.

Get forgiveness of sins

As when Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala rebuked Abu Bakr who did not want to forgive people for accusing 'Aisyah of adultery. At that time, 'Aisyah Radhiyallahu 'Anha was accused of adultery with a friend named Shafwan.

Then the accusation spread to become a hot issue in the city of Medina. Then Allah sent down a verse that mentions the purity of 'Aisha from these accusations in the Qur'an. It turned out that among those who accused and spread the accusation was a relative of Abu Bakr who was poor and Abu Bakr always gave him food to meet his daily needs.

Knowing that his brother participated in spreading the slander, Abu Bakr swore never to help him again.

However, when the Messenger of Allah gave advice, then Abu Bakr forgave his brother and returned to doing good to him. So, we have to forgive anyone in order to get forgiveness from Allah SWT, yes! Won't lose.

Reaching heaven as wide as heaven and earth

In addition to the four benefits above, there is one more guaranteed reward for a forgiving person that is no less tempting, namely the reward of heaven as wide as the heavens and the earth from Allah SWT.

Forgiving does sometimes need to sacrifice feelings, but with the above benefits, we must have an open heart to forgive. Just forgive other people's mistakes and live in peace.

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