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What are karamah, maunah and irhas?

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What are karamah, maunah and irhas?

Muslimcreed - In addition to miracles, there are also extraordinary events, extraordinary events are given by Allah swt to people who want extraordinary events other than miracles are karamah, maunah, and irhas.

Karamah according to language means glory, nobility, and grace. According to Sufi scholars, karamah means extraordinary circumstances that Allah has given to His saints. A guardian is a person who believes, is pious, and does good deeds to Allah swt.

Sufi scholars believe that scholars have privileges, such as the ability to see the unseen things that humans in general do not have. Allah swt can give hospitality to those who believe, are pious, do good deeds according to what He wills.

In everyday life we often hear sacred words, someone who saves the spirit of Wali Songo sometimes asks for help from their spirit by visiting the grave, this method is strictly prohibited according to Islam because it is considered polytheist.

The incident experienced by the prophet Solomon a.s

When Prophet Sulaiman a.s was dealing with his soldiers over humans, animals, and jinn, there was a knowledgeable person who said to Prophet Solomon a.s, the words of the knowledgeable person were immortalized by Allah swt in His word Q.S an-Naml: 40. The knowledgeable person was able to move the throne in front of Prophet Sulaiman a.s in the blink of an eye, and the person said that this was all because of the grace of my Lord. From this verse, the Qur'an does not mention the names of people who are knowledgeable because names are not important, pious people from the people of Prophet Sulaiman a.s are people who have knowledge.

Then there was also an incident that was experienced by Maryam bint Imran, the prophet Zakaria (as) found food every time he was present at the mihrab Maryam bint Imran Allah swt said in Qs al-Imran verse 37, the verse explains that Maryam bint Imran gets food directly from Allah swt without any intermediary . The event witnessed by the prophet Zakaria was a blessing given by Allah swt to Maryam bint Imra. Allah swt ordained that Maryam's caregiver was her own uncle, namely the prophet Zakariya a.s


Maunah means help. Maunah is given by Allah swt to whoever He wills, both to prophets, guardians, and ordinary people, Allah swt has given help many times to Prophet Muhammad SAW so that he survived death both when he was still in Mecca and after the migration to Medina. . All assassination attempts planned by the infidels always fail. Abu Lahab was once persuaded by his subordinates to kill the Messenger of Allah for various reasons, his subordinates continued to insist that Abu Lahab wanted to kill the Messenger of Allah, because of pressure from his subordinates, Abu Lahab was willing to do so.

One night Abu Lahab came down from where he was peeking, even though the Messenger of Allah was praying, his wife, Ummu Jamil, climbed the wall and watched her husband's movements. They approached the place where the Messenger of Allah (saw) was taking khalawat and found him prostrating. After getting close, Abu Lahab shouted loudly, which means that if the Messenger of Allah heard the shouts, he would be frightened. However, the Messenger of Allah was still praying and it was as if he did not hear the voice. 

After Abu Lahab and his wife were about to step forward and intend to stab him, their feet could not be lifted so they were stuck in that place until dawn came. The Messenger of Allah finished the night prayer. When he saw it, Abu Lahab said, "O Muhammad, let us go." The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied: "As long as you still intend to stab me, you will be glued to the place where you stand." After that, Abu Lahab replied: "From now on, we have let go of that intention". The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied, "Then it's fine". Then he prayed to Allah swt not for a long time they were separated.


Irhas is an extraordinary event that happened to the prospective prophet or apostle when he was a child. An example of irhas is the miraculous event that happened to the prophet Isa (as) when he was still a baby in the arms of his mother, Maryam, the miraculous event was that he was able to talk to people who abused his mother. The conversation of the prophet Isa a.s when he was a baby is mentioned in the word of Allah swt in Q.S Maryam verses 29-33

The difference between karamah, ma'unah, and irhas

By paying attention to the description above, it can be seen that in fact karamah, ma'unah, and irhas are the same, namely as a gift of Allah swt given to His servants.

The difference between karamah, ma'unah, and irhas is as follows:

1. Karamah is bestowed on the guardian

2. Maunah is given to anyone and is general to all humans

3. Irhas is bestowed on prospective prophets or apostles of Allah swt.

As for the benefits for people who are given the gift of karamah, ma'unah, and irhas are people who deserve to be imitated in their lives. Why is that? That's because karamah, ma'unah, and irhas are only given to the servants of Allah swt who are pious and do good deeds.

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