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A person who educates children must be done is to invite children to do useful things. Do something consistent like every morning reading a prayer. So educators always repeat good things. Here are the benefits of reading a prayer every morning.


1. Maintain relationship with Allah

Praying can bring us closer to Allah swt. Get to know Allah swt from various perspectives and Allah's power in prayer. With habits like that, our prayers can be answered. There are many ways to pray and be close to Allah, one of which is praying every morning.

Istikhoroh Praying

2. Get to know yourself

By praying the book of Jesus humbles ourselves before Allah swt. From such things we can know who we are. Because prayer is a reflection of us. How do we speak before Allah and speak differently from other people.

3. Seek refuge

Praying can also give us protection. Every prayer isa has a good meaning. One of them can pray about protecting ourselves or our families. There is no better place to take refuge only in Allah swt.

4. Building Character

Habits that are often done can build us to have good attitudes, behavior and morals. Humble yourself, speak with humility and many others that can be a character that arises because you often pray.

5. Produce Miracles

From prayers that are often said, Allah swt hears every prayer. Granted it could even occur a miracle. For example, when we pray for salvation in the morning. When there is a danger such as an accident, Allah swt can get a miracle, namely safety or the unexpected.

There are many prayers that we can do in the morning, one of which is as follows. Such as prayer asking for salvation, prayer asking for sustenance, asking for Allah's blessing, and praying for surrender. An example of a prayer is as follows. "Allahummainnias'alukailmannafi'anwarizqonthoyyibanwamutaqobbalan practice."

Meaning: O Allah, I beseech You. Useful knowledge, lawful sustenance, and accepted charity. Or you can always read short letters such as, al-ihklas, an-nasr, and al-falaq all three times. Any prayer that is said at the time of sharing should not be too long so that it can be easily recited and does not take up a lot of time.

Prayer can mean prayer, worship, istigahsah (asking for help) and also a call. There are several virtues of praying according to the Koran, some of which are:

  • Prayer is the main and noble practice in the sight of Allah SWT
  • Prayer is the brain of worship
  • Prayer can reject qadha
  • Prayer can be one of the savings for goodness in the hereafter
  • Prayer can be an intermediary closer to Allah SWT
  • Prayer can get rid of pride
  • Prayer is a means of giving thanks to Allah SWT
  • Prayer can keep away from harm
  • Prayer can eliminate despair
  • Prayer can be a means to know Allah SWT better
  • Prayer can calm the heart
  • Prayer can increase piety
  • Prayer can show the power of Allah SWT
  • Prayer can increase trust in Allah SWT

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