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6 The virtues of alms, from being given peace of mind to being given a special door to heaven

6 The virtues of alms, from being given peace of mind to being given a special door to heaven

The virtues of alms that we get as Muslims

Worship alms is to fulfill or spend wealth in the way of Allah. this activity is not merely spending money in the way of Allah or setting aside some money for the poor, but alms also includes all kinds of dhikr (tasbih, tahmid, and tahlil) and all kinds of other good deeds.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the definition of alms is the giving of something to the poor or those who are entitled to receive it, outside the obligation of zakat and zakat fitrah according to the ability of the giver.

The general understanding of alms is to practice wealth in the way of Allah sincerely without expecting anything in return, and solely expecting His pleasure as the truth of one's faith. Another term for alms is charity and donation.

The verse illustrates that alms has the meaning of donating or setting aside money in the way of Allah SWT. Giving alms to the poor, relatives, or others who are done only to hope to please Allah will get a double reward, both in this world and in the hereafter.

There are so many virtues in doing alms, but the following are the virtues that Muslimcreed summarizes in the virtues of alms, as follows:

1. Getting a double reward

The virtue of charity worship will certainly bring such a great reward. Giving charity is a noble act and is highly appreciated by Allah SWT. The most important reward for giving charity is getting a reward. After doing alms, the reward you already have will be multiplied.

The reward obtained will be even greater if the alms that are made are truly pure from the heart, without wanting to be known by others at all. So, there is no element of fun or wanting to brag about the wealth that is donated.

2. Get a guarantee at the end of the day

Those who give in charity are those who are included in the group who will receive shade on the Last Day. The meaning of this statement is that when the last day comes and no one can protect from the heat of the sun, the person who gives alms sincerely throughout his life will be under a soothing shade.

This can be obtained if you give alms selflessly or cheerfully, truly sincere because you want to help others and also because of Allah SWT.

3. Freedom from the torment of the grave

When you are in the grave and waiting for the Day of Judgment to come, there are questions about the world that you must be responsible for. If you do a lot of things that are violated by Allah (SWT) at this time, the alms that you have and often do can save you from the torment of the grave. As the Prophet said in HR Thabrani, "Charity will extinguish the fire of torment in the grave."

4. Purification

By giving alms owned property, the sins of those who give charity will be erased. This of course can be reaped if it is done together with repentance for sins that have been committed and doing other good things.

Perform the obligations that must be followed and avoid His prohibitions, then you will avoid sin and get rewarded.

5. Gives peace of mind

Alms can create peace of mind. When giving charity, there will definitely be a sense of pleasure because it has given to those in need. After that, the heart will feel calmer and more spacious because the burdens are lifted and replaced with a sense of pleasure for helping others.

6. Given a special gate of heaven

Based on HR Bukhari and Muslim. "The person who donates two treasures in the way of Allah, then he will be called by one of the gates of heaven: O servant of Allah, come here for enjoyment. If he comes from the group of people who like to establish prayer, he is called from the door of prayer. Those who come from among the mujahid will be called from the door of jihad. If he comes from the group of people who like to give charity, it will be called from the door of alms."

So, those are the six virtues of giving alms. Hopefully by knowing His virtues, we will be more diligent in giving charity. 

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