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7 fun activities so children don't get bored while fasting

7 fun activities so children don't get bored while fasting

Fasting for children is a new experience and may feel strange because it is not like ordinary days. Of course, children will ask a lot of questions about the meaning of fasting and why Muslims must undergo the obligation of fasting in the month of Ramadan.

After they know that fasting is worship and see many people fasting, then they will try it. But sometimes children will get bored easily in fasting because they have to hold back from eating and drinking. So that he doesn't get bored, you can invite your little one to do fun activities such as 7 fun activities that can be done at home.

1. Play together at home

Choosing games when children are fasting should not choose games that expend a lot of energy and make children tired quickly. You can choose toys that are at home that you can play together, such as playing puzzles, dolls, guessing or telling stories about children's fairy tales. But if you want to introduce your little one to other games, try inviting him to the classic toys that you used to play when you were little.

Call it halma toys, snakes and ladders, monopoly, ludo, or playing cards. All of these games are quite fun to play and the little ones just sit back and play.

2. Making Eid cakes

One of the exciting activities carried out during the fasting month is making cakes for Eid. You can use moments like this to make fun activities with children, invite them to help make Eid cakes. Starting from preparing the ingredients, weighing the ingredients, mixing to form cookies.

To make your little one more enthusiastic, try making a special type of cake with your little one. Choose the type of cake he likes and also shape it with cute shapes that the child likes, for example making a cake in the shape of Doraemon or Hello Kitty. Don't forget to also decorate the cake beautifully to make it attractive. Your little one will definitely be proud of his work. Especially if many praise and like the little one's Eid cake. Surely he can't wait for the fasting month next year to make cakes again.

3. Play quizzes and guesses

One of the activities that can be done also to fill the time in the month of fasting is to play quizzes with your little one. You can play this game while relaxing on your bed or living room. The point is to play a cool but not exhausting game.

To be more useful for children's intelligence, try to make guesses related to religious knowledge, for example questions about the pillars of faith, the pillars of Islam, or the names of the prophets. So in addition to learning to fast, children will also gain knowledge about Islam. You can invite your little one to play in the late afternoon, or when you are a child you are already bored with the day and you can also add stories from the prophets.

4. Read a book or watch a cartoon

Another choice of fun activities so that children don't get bored is by reading books and telling stories about Islamic stories. Children usually love fairy tales. Moreover, you can tell in a fun and interesting way. Surely children will be enthusiastic to listen to it.

In addition, if you are bored with storytelling or reading story books, try relaxing for a while while taking your children to watch cartoons. You can also invite your little one to watch stories on Youtube, which provide many positive stories for children, of course, to make reading and viewing more useful, they must have an Islamic theme.

5. Filling in the Ramadan diary

During the month of Ramadan, children will usually learn to fast. In order not to get bored of fasting, you can invite your little one to make notes while fasting. For example, by keeping a daily record of fasting. For example, on the first day your little one can only be strong until 10 am, the next day is half a day and then can be full one full day of fasting, or for example on the third day the child attends the tarawih prayer.

Diligently taking notes during the month of Ramadan will certainly be a memory in itself. When you grow up, you can invite your little one to reminisce about his memories of learning to fast as a child.

6. Cook together to prepare iftar

Towards the afternoon is the time to prepare the menu for breaking the fast. It will be very fun if you include your little one and give him a role in this activity too. When cooking, invite your little one to participate in the cooking process. Certainly not a dangerous part, for example washing vegetables and fruit or kneading dough that is not hot of course.

You can also invite children to prepare a dining table and cutlery. The point is to make children feel important in every moment of the fasting month, then children will feel valuable and can overcome their boredom.

In addition, this habit also teaches children to be able to help others and have a sense of empathy starting from childhood.

7. Iftar with family

this activity should be a routine activity that must be done by families in the fasting month. Breaking the fast with the family will increase the child's happiness because he will feel togetherness when drinking and eating together. Build a happy atmosphere by asking children how their fasting experience that day was. By paying attention to children, they will be more enthusiastic about fasting, and children will definitely miss breaking their fast the next day.

So in essence, make the child happy and not feel burdened when fasting. Hopefully the above activities can be a reference for those of you who have children so that their fasting does not feel bored.

Happy fasting ...

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