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9 Ways to Overcome Trials While Fasting


9 Ways to Overcome Trials While Fasting

When fasting you are required to not only endure hunger and thirst but also be able to withstand other trials (besides hunger and thirst). The following things can happen to you. Whether you're at home, at work, or on campus. But you don't need to worry, because there is no problem without a solution. The following are the trials faced by the Muslimcreed team while fasting and how to overcome them.

1. The body feels weak

Fasting means resting your organs for more than 12 hours. This causes the body to adapt to become easily weak and sleepy, especially in the first week of fasting. An easy way to overcome this is to take vitamin C or a multivitamin that contains zinc and selenium.

2. Bad breath

"Bad breath when fasting is the smell of heaven," is a sentence that many people say regarding bad breath when fasting. However, this will still interfere with your activities, especially when you have a meeting with colleagues. Consume lots of vegetables, cheese and milk. In addition to being able to increase fasting energy, it can also overcome bad breath.

3. Constipation

The time lag between sahoor and iftar makes the digestive tract organs not work much. This causes the intestinal area not to contract, which can lead to constipation or constipation. To anticipate these obstacles, drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits.

4. Hungry eyes and crazy when breaking fast

The most uncontrollable lust when fasting is eye hunger when breaking the fast and crazy when breaking the fast. Hungry eyes by buying all kinds of food to break the fast will not be good for your digestion. Eating too fast and too much food will make your digestion startled and you won't be able to digest food properly.

It is known that fasting can reduce the portion of your meal, thus leading to the possibility that the excess food purchased will not be completely used up. Be wise in buying food for iftar by buying appetizersand heavy food according to your portion to avoid excessive food consumption.

5. Full at sahoor

The habit of eating everything when breaking the fast, especially coupled with snacks will cause the stomach to feel full at dawn. This will certainly make it difficult for you, because when you fast during the day you will feel hungry if you don't have enough sahoor. Control the portion of your meal when breaking the fast so that it is balanced with your meal portion when sahoor arrives.

6. Often play social media

In this modern era, it seems that there is no one who does not have a social media account. No wonder, because social media can provide us with various information. On the other hand, social media can also be a trial. For example, when you are provoked to make bad comments on celebrity accounts, or gossip accounts. It's better if you access social media less, so that the reward for your fast doesn't just evaporate.

7. Chat ends with backbiting/gossip

Chatting with office friends or close friends is indeed effective for killing boredom and also feeling sleepy when fasting. Unfortunately, many of these activities end up being gossip / backbiting because they discuss other people's disgrace. To avoid this, you must limit the topic of the chat. If it leads to gossip / backbiting, you should immediately end the chat.

8. Overspending

In addition to holding back hunger and thirst, the essence of fasting in Ramadan is to restrain all kinds of lust that is within us. One of them is the desire to shop. To overcome this, make it a habit to make a list of things you want to buy. This will save you from overspending.

9. Emotions from the heat

Usually the month of Ramadan always comes when entering the dry season. No wonder the weather is hot with the scorching sun. Unfortunately, many of us are provoked by our emotions because of the hot air, such as easily swearing or cursing. So that your emotions are not easily ignited due to hot weather, you should drink enough water at dawn. So your body is not easily dehydrated. You can also prepare a portable fan when traveling, so your emotions won't be ignited by the hot weather.

That's the various types of trials while fasting. Now you are not easily tempted by this ordeal. The rewards of fasting in Ramadan are not forfeited. Happy fasting!

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