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Allah swt promises to people who want to try hard


In Q.S an-Najm verses 39-42, Allah swt promises to give perfect rewards to people who want to work hard. Every effort or endeavor to fulfill the necessities of life should begin with an intention for Allah swt alone. A trader peddles his wares in the market with the hope that he will get a lot of sustenance. Farmers hoe in the fields hoping their harvest will be abundant. Pedicab drivers pedal their rickshaws as hard as they can to take passengers to their destinations, employees work in offices so that their work can be completed as soon as possible. Traders, farmers, pedicab drivers, employees or other professions, work according to their respective expertise. Work hard for a living, without wanting to stand idly by. They do not want to be pitied and do not want to be a burden to others. Indeed, they are noble people because they have worked hard to provide for their families in a lawful way.

Allah swt will give them a double reward. This reward will be a provision to achieve happiness in the hereafter. The good deeds they have done will be rewarded with heaven. Surge is a perfect reply from Allah swt for His pious servants.

To reach heaven, a servant needs to make every effort. Among them are carrying out Allah's commands and staying away from His prohibitions. Prayer, zakat, fasting, and other worship are also means to reach heaven. These services must be done sincerely and sincerely. For the servant who worships in moderation, Allah will reward him according to his efforts. Likewise in worldly affairs, every human being will get according to the results of his efforts. Humans have to work hard to live well. If he wants to win, he must study hard, practice, and pray. If he wants to win in sports, he must train hard and be disciplined.

Likewise, if you want to achieve your goals, you must try your best and pray to Allah swt. All your efforts in achieving your goals will be worth worship if your intentions are straight because of Allah swt. With the best effort and the right intentions, and praying to Allah swt, success in life will be easy to achieve.

In his word Q.S al-Imran verse 159 which contains noble messages for the people of the Prophet Muhammad. Through this verse, Allah swt states that the Messenger of Allah has a gentle, polite, and virtuous personality. The character of the Messenger of Allah is a mercy from Allah swt. The grace of Allah swt is a very valuable gift for the life of a human being. We must try and pray to get the grace of Allah swt. Efforts to get Allah's mercy include always getting closer to Him. Carry out all orders and stay away from His prohibitions.

The Messenger of Allah was not harsh and rude to the people around him. If the Messenger of Allah (saws) had a hard and rough heart, of course the people around him would distance themselves. Basically, everyone wants to be treated gently and their opinions are respected. An ape and rude attitude towards others will only sow hostility. Even though Islam teaches love to others. This kind of polite and gentle attitude must be shown in everyday interactions. This kind of noble character will attract the sympathy of others so that they are closer and closer to us.

Through this verse, Allah Almighty ordered the Messenger of Allah to forgive and ask forgiveness for the sins and mistakes of others, especially the companions of the Messenger of Allah. Likewise, before someone apologizes to us, we should apologize first. By forgiving each other life becomes calm, harmonious and creates harmony. More than that, this verse also commands to pray for others to get forgiveness from Allah swt. Praying to Allah swt is the essence of worship in Islam. Through prayer we ask for everything to Allah swt. We hope that Allah swt will answer all our prayers. Islam teaches to pray for others, not just pray for yourself. Among the best prayers for others is prayer so that Allah swt forgives all his sins and mistakes.

Rasulullah SAW is the most perfect human being on earth and of course can solve all problems with the guidance of Allah swt. However, the Messenger of Allah consulted with his companions to resolve the problem. The Messenger of Allah invited his companions to participate in thinking about solutions to the problems faced at that time. Deliberation aims to find the best solution to a problem. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to uphold the ethics of deliberation. These ethics include being gentle, polite in opinion, respecting the opinions of others, and not easily blaming others. If the results of the deliberation have been decided, all must accept and implement them, the results of the deliberation are carried out with full responsibility and put their trust in Allah swt. Allah swt loves those who put their trust. Tawakal means surrendering the results of your efforts to Allah swt. Humans must try their best. After that, leave the results to Allah swt.

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