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Definition and examples of mubram's destiny and mu'allaq's destiny

Definition and examples of mubram's destiny and mu'allaq's destiny

Definition of Mubram's destiny and Mu'allaq's destiny

Mubram's destiny is one of two types of Allah's decree on His creatures. There are also those who argue, mubram destiny is a form of destiny in the application of daily life.

In general, the destiny of Allah is divided into two, namely the destiny of mubram and the destiny of muallaq. The difference between the two lies in the absoluteness of the provisions that can be changed or not.

Evidence that it is Allah who determines all provisions on this earth is explained in a number of hadiths and verses of the Qur'an. One of them, Rasulullah SAW once said, Allah's decree has existed since 50 thousand years before the earth was created.

Humans cannot avoid the mubram destiny that is set for him, because Allah has outlined it in Lauhul Mahfudz. The definition of mubram destiny is an absolute decree from Allah SWT which must apply and humans are not given a role to make it happen. In a sense, the destiny that happens to humans is non-negotiable. Mubram itself literally means something that is inevitable or certain. 

For this reason, the destiny of mubram is closely related to the sunatullah of nature to the will (iradah) and power (qudrah) of Allah SWT. All that only Allah knows. As explained in Surah Al Hadid verse 22.

In addition to the fate of mubram, the next type of destiny that Muslims need to understand is the destiny of converts. This destiny has a number of differences with mubram destiny. The destiny of converts is referred to as a provision of Allah SWT that includes the role of humans through effort or effort. That is, the destiny of the converts can be changed based on one's efforts or prayers. Muallaq literally means something that is hung. If the efforts and efforts are in accordance with the provisions of Allah SWT, it can be interpreted that the results are satisfactory.

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The postulate of the destiny of converts is written in the letter Ar Rad verse 11, Allah SWT says about something that cannot be changed until a people want to change it.

In other words, the task of humans is only to work and strive then for the results depending on the will of Allah SWT. While the fate of mubram is a destiny that depends only on the decree of Allah SWT alone.

Examples of Mubram's Destiny and Muallaq

1. Mubram's Destiny

Many examples of mubram destiny are found in everyday life. For example, destiny about a person's birth, human death, mate, until the Day of Judgment. This is in accordance with the statement of His word in Surah An Nisa verse 78.

Including all the calamities and disasters that occur on this earth which is an example of mubram destiny. Such as, earthquakes, droughts, volcanic eruptions, and others. Allah SWT says in Surah Al Hadid verse 22.

2. Muallaq's destiny

Someone's Clever

One example of the destiny of converts is intelligence or intelligence. Some people do have the ability to think above average. While the rest are classified as normal, they may even have difficulty remembering and understanding things.

However, you can change this condition by studying harder every day. For example, by registering for private lessons outside of normal school hours.

One's Health

Death is an absolute decree, but the journey to death is generally still within our control. As long as we don't suffer from genetic or congenital diseases, we still have the power to try to get a healthy body. If the body is healthy, God willing, we will not suffer in the moments leading to death. The form of efforts related to health is to regulate diet, exercise, to maintain cleanliness.

Financial Sustenance

Allah has arranged the sustenance of Muslims with the best portion for everyone. It's just that you will not be able to get it without maximum effort. For example, God has determined your sustenance to be a billionaire, but you just surrender without working to achieve it. Then the stipulation will not be fulfilled because of your minimal effort.


The last example of the destiny of a convert is the wise nature of a person. Wisdom is a trait that you can acquire with time and effort. This does not just come from resigning to accept fate or surrendering to the flow of life. You must be willing to learn from mistakes and have a good perspective. Not only that, the ability to be honest with yourself and others also plays an important role.

There are many examples of the fate of converts in everyday life. For example, a person experiences pain. Pain comes from Allah SWT. As the Creator, Allah must have created the disease and the cure for it. When humans are destined to be sick or experience calamities, there is still a chance for treatment to recover. 

Another case that is included in the type of destiny of converts is the success of a student in the learning process. When he is diligent in studying at school or with the online system as it is now, then the desired achievement can be realized in the future.

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