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Educate children to memorize the Qur'an since childhood

Educate children to memorize the Qur'an since childhood

Muslimcreed - Having children who memorize the Qur'an is the dream of many parents in various circles. The presence of children can bring blessings if parents patiently educate and teach children good things. One of the good things for children from their parents is memorizing the Qur'an. 

Because someday in the hereafter parents who are able to teach children to memorize the Qur'an will be given the privilege of a crown. Teaching children to memorize the Qur'an is not an easy thing. Then patience is the gateway to success. Find out how to quickly memorize the Qur'an that can be done.

This is how to Educate children to memorize the Qur'an since childhood

1. Always listen to the Qur'an

Since he was still in his mother's womb. Try listening to verses of the Qur'an that can help the growth of the fetus. Listening will make a sound that is more familiar and familiar if it is born into the world.

2. Listen to it starting from bismillahirrahmanirrahim

Children who are born into the world the first thing is hearing. Hear everything he heard while in the womb. And now when he was born he heard clearly. Starting to apply to children when doing everything, starting with Bismillah and ending with Alhamdulillah.

3. Use a unique way

When the child begins to actively do everything. Parents have the role of directing and guiding children in reading or memorizing short letters. Like every time you want to sleep teaching Al-Fatihah reading. Played in the morning, afternoon or evening. As a substitute for music, or by inviting to play.

4. Be wise when teaching the Qur'an

Childhood is full of praise that's what children expect. Compliment him with smart, intelligent words, Soleh. You can also give gifts to children if the child can say it himself. Rewards can keep children motivated and keep trying.

5. Istiqamah

Istiqomah means consistent, often and never stops. Although children sometimes have a sense of laziness and tend to want to play. Insert for parents enthusiasm and patience. Take advantage of every time to use to pronounce or better memorize short letters. Habits will make it easier for the child's mind to remember and not find it difficult. If the child feels lazy, stop or don't want to, don't let the parents continue to force him. Stop then and continue at another time.

6.Talqin or Tasmi

Starting to grow a child will have a different spirit and way of learning. If the child begins to enter school age, try to invite the child to talkin or tasmi at school. Talqin is when a Ustadz reads the Qur'an for his students to follow. In addition to being listened to, the reading will also be corrected if an error occurs.

7. Tafahhum

Tafahhum means understanding the meaning of the reading to be memorized. It is hoped that by understanding the meaning, someone will be able to memorize it faster. Children can use body language by moving their hands to interpret the meaning of what is read.

8. Tikrar

Tikrar means repeating the reading until it is memorized. Slowly but surely memorizing, even if a little and too late, how to repeat it and do it over and over again can make it easier for children to memorize and remember.

9. Muraja'ah

When a child has been able to memorize fluently some letters. When memorizing other letters, don't forget the old ones. Then do muraja'ah by repeating the memorization from the beginning until it reaches the memorization that is done.

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