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Effective Ways to Teach Children to be Patient

Effective Ways to Teach Children to be Patient

The biggest difficulty for parents is patience. Moreover, dealing with children requires extraordinary patience when the child is still small. Sometimes many mothers experience the baby blues after giving birth due to lack of patience.

But a mother is required to be full of patience. Even should be able to teach patience to children. Especially in controlling children's emotions. Patience essentially means holding back emotions and teaching delayed gratification. Patience trains children to have the most important skills in life. Can build habits that become good character. Here's how to teach patience to children

Below is an effective way to teach children to be patient

1. Start as early as possible Routinely accompany

Mothers must be able to accompany children so that children feel protected. Always telling his son that his son is not alone, there are still many who are with him since then the child is introduced to patient sentences.

2. Teach How to Control Yourself

Some things that parents need to pay attention to are children's emotions. How children express emotions and how children behave when angry. So parents can know how to control their children's emotions.

3. Create the rules of the game

If the child has started to grow up then we as parents also have to follow the child's development. Don't treat children like children. Try giving small things that can make children feel like they have the rules of the game with their parents.

4. Procrastinate for Good

Practicing patience in children can also be done by waiting or postponing things that are faced with something else that has goodness. Because for a child to wait or delay something is very heavy and very long.

5. Lower expectations

As a parent, make sure that what your child thinks is what happened. Don't let your child feel their expectations are too high so they can ruin a beautiful dream.

6. Give the child a gift

If the child has been able to control emotions understand everything. Including being able to wait and being able to accept the reality of not having high expectations. So the book of Jesus gave him a gift as a form of appreciation for the child.

7. Give children easy-to-understand information

If what the child wants or expects makes him emotional high. Then explain to the child by providing clear information about what it means, its function, even the benefits and uses. So that children understand and can be patient.

8. Manage emotions

 controlling a child's high emotions is indeed a difficult thing. but try to explain to the child after he is no longer emotional and has high awareness. that the way he was emotional was wrong. How do you know what you want or other people understand? Don't mess yourself up.

9. Make an exercise of patience

Train children to be patient every day. Such as controlling by fasting, namely refraining from eating and drinking or training children to wait for someone. Training also helps children to be able to have the character of a patient person in dealing with everything. Can be a person of good character.

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