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Knowing the Meaning, Virtue and Types, Qiyamul Lail

Knowing the Meaning, Virtue and Types, Qiyamul Lail

Qiyamul Lail Means Worship at Night, Know the virtues and types

Qiyamul lail is one of the terms in Islam that refers to a series of worship at night. Literally, qiyamul lail means night worship. This explains that qiyamul lail is a sunnah practice that can be done only at night.

Qiyamul lail means not the same as the tahajjud prayer. Qiyamul lail is increasingly popular as the tahajjud prayer, even though that is not the case. There is a fundamental difference that lies in the tahajjud prayer with qiyamul lail.

Then, what is the meaning of qiyamul lail? Check out a full review of the meaning of qiyamul lail, the right time, and its types, such as those that merdeka.com summarizes from the following sources.

Definition of Qiyamul Lail

Qiyamul lail prayer means night prayer. Rasulullah SAW in a hadith said, Qiyamul lail is an afdhal worship to be done after the obligatory prayers at night.

Many Muslims are misguided about Qiyamul Lail. Although both are done at night, the term qiyamul lail is quite different from the tahajjud prayer.

Qiyamul lail means a series of sunnah practices at night that can be done by Muslims. So, the tahajjud prayer is nothing but a part of qiyamul lail which is done with sincerity to get the pleasure and reward of Allah SWT.

Qiyamul Laila Prime Time

Qiyamul lail means praying at night. It means, qiyamul lail can only be done at night after the time of Isha 'until dawn. The types of qiyamul lail prayer should be performed well in the first third of the night, especially in the second third of the night, and the most complete in the last third of the night.

This refers to the authentic hadith of the Prophet who said about one of the virtues of qiyamul lail. If a Muslim prays in the middle of the last night, his prayer will always be heard by Allah SWT.

The virtues of Qiyamul Lail

Qiyamul lail means surrender and hope for Allah's guidance at night. There are many virtues of qiyamul lail if it is done. Among them are as follows,

Prayers are answered

The first virtue of carrying out qiyamul lail is that the prayers offered in the evening prayers are answered. If a Muslim earnestly asks for the things of this world and the hereafter in his prayer, Allah will surely help him.

Degrees Increase in the presence of Allah SWT

The next virtue of qiyamul lail is to elevate human status before Allah SWT. Allah SWT is the Greatest Substance who will always provide goodness for His servants.

Allah SWT is said to like His servant who always asks for guidance, in return he will be placed with a higher degree when carrying out qiyamul lail.

Types and Procedures of Qiyamul Lail

Although many people call the tahajjud prayer the same as qiyamul lail. However, it turns out that qiyamul lail is different from the tahajjud prayer.

The tahajjud prayer is a form of worship that is included in qiyamul lalil. Meanwhile, qiyamul lail is a series of night prayers with the tahajjud prayer in it. So, doing qiyamul lail means performing one of the night prayers such as tahajjud.

Included in qiyamul lail are tahajjud prayer, tarawih prayer, and witr prayer. Qiyamul lail means doing the three prayers after the time of Isha' comes.

The following is the procedure for the Qiyamul Lail prayer, which is quoted from Liputan6,

Evening prayer with a total of 11 rakaat should be done 2 rakaat, 2 rakaat again, and witr 1 rakaat as a closing worship.

Evening prayers with a total of 9 rakaat should be done 8 rakaat at once. After that, it was immediately continued with the initial tasyahud sitting and standing for the 9th rak'ah, ending with the final tasyahud sitting and greetings.

Evening prayers with a total of 7 cycles should be performed 7 cycles at once without the initial tasyahud, just sit down the final tasyahud and end with greetings.

Evening prayers with a total of 5 rakaat should be done 5 rakaat at once and continued with the final tasyahud and greetings.

The night prayer with a total of 3 rakaat is done with 3 rakaat at once or with 2 rakaat greetings then added with 1 rakaat prayer again and ends with greetings.

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