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Life will always be in goodness as long as shame is maintained

Life will always be in goodness as long as shame is maintained

Shame is refraining from doing ugly, dirty, despicable, and despicable things. Shyness is sometimes an innate trait and can also be the result of practice. However, to cultivate shame, it takes effort, intention, knowledge and habituation. Shame is part of faith because it can encourage someone to do good and prevent from disobedience.

Shame is a branch of faith. A person will be ashamed to steal if he believes, a woman will be ashamed to reveal or show her nakedness if she is a believer. If the shyness decreases and begins to fade, the self-defense against the temptations of lust begins to thin out. Shame is one of the bulwarks of one's defense in avoiding immoral acts. Shame is also a motivating factor for someone to do good.

As long as shame is maintained properly, one will live in goodness. He will have the power to do good and reject disobedience. An official who has shame will carry out his duties with full responsibility and free from corruption. A student will be confident in doing test questions without cheating because it is based on shame, a trader will be ashamed to cheat because he feels seen by Allah swt. A police officer would be ashamed to accept a bribe for violating a traffic sign.

A man and woman will dress to cover their genitals to protect their dignity and honor. They are all protected from sin and immorality because of the shame in them.

On the other hand, if a person no longer has shame, he will live in ugliness. Once the shame is gone, so is his personality as a Muslim. He will get used to sin, both secretly and openly. If a man or woman has no shame, he will reveal his nakedness. 

An official who has no shame will use his power to oppress the people to enrich himself, a sword who has no shame will lie to his buyers, bad goods are said to be good, cheap goods are said to be expensive. If a student does not have a shy nature, he easily speaks dirty, cheats, makes fun of his own friends. Indeed, in the absence of shame, moral disasters and moral decay will run rampant.

O smart young generation of Islam, know that being shy does not mean being insecure, insecure, or feeling inferior. For example, a person is embarrassed to wear a headscarf because he is afraid of being ridiculed by his friends, or embarrassed because he gets his turn to present a presentation in front of the class or office. To things that are good and positive you should not be ashamed. 

Shame like that is not right. Shame must be based on Allah swt not because of other than Him. When we are ashamed to do something, ask our heart. Is this shame because of Allah swt or not? If it wasn't for Allah swt, it could be laziness, inferiority or low self-esteem. This lazy, insecure, or low self-esteem is a despicable behavior that must be avoided.

Do you know where the real source of shame comes from? Shame comes from faith and acknowledgment of the greatness of Allah swt. Shame will arise if we believe and truly appreciate that Allah swt is all-powerful over everything. Allah is All-Seeing, All-Knowing, and All-Hearing. 

There is nothing that we can hide from Allah swt. All activities of our body, mind, and heart are all known by Allah swt.

There are several benefits of shyness, including the following:

  1. Prevent from disgraceful acts. A person who has a shy nature will try his best to avoid disgraceful acts, because he is afraid of Allah swt.
  2. To encourage doing good. Shame to Allah swt will encourage someone to do good, because he knows that every human action will be rewarded by Allah swt in the hereafter.
  3. To lead someone to a path that is pleasing to Allah swt. People who have shame will always carry out Allah's commands and stay away from His prohibitions.

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